Detailing & ceramic coating on an old Honda Civic done 80,000 km

The whole process took 6 days and I am super happy with the end result.

BHPian sarathlal recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

80K service done, and nothing major to report. Fuel filter is due for replacement but could not do it due to the part not being available. So that’s pending.

White color was getting difficult to maintain, of late. Maybe the clear coat wearing off or age, but even minor smudges were getting difficult to remove. Even those routine mechanic fingerprints near the wheel arches won’t go off even with some serious dedicated focus. Not to mention the petrol drops.

The edges also started losing most of the paint, with thin layers emerging – primarily at the bonnet and door edges. Increased washing effort and worry about potential rust where paint is thin.

Decided to try out doing detailed decontamination and ceramic coating. Did not opt for wax/polish because the paint was getting very thin in a few places and I did not want a prolonged abrasion process that have only limited life.

Had a few options at my place in Trivandrum and finally went with Britemakers. The whole process took 6 days and super happy with the end result. I am sure it would have been a really tough job to restore an old white car, however good it looks superficially.

On top of that, I used to bug them daily by dropping in to check the progress Thanks to the team at Britemakers and Amin especially for painstakingly getting this result. Highly recommended for those near Trivandrum. (Disclaimer: I have no financial interest with this shop, the recommendation is purely based on the dedication witnessed and the difficulty in finding the right place for those who search for).

A couple of pictures taken at the time of delivery

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