Electric cars: Most popular EV models unveiled – which one is best for you?

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Sales of EVs went up a huge 75 percent in 2021 as many car buyers in Britain start to make the switch away from fossil fuels. Although petrol cars are still the most popular choice, the gap is ever shortening with the Government’s ban on petrol and diesel cars on the horizon in 2030.

However EV models can vary a huge amount, with some achieving less than 150 miles of range from a charge and others costing eye-watering amounts.

New research from car insurance company Quotezone revealed that Tesla certainly rules when it comes to EV popularity online.

It looked at the number of hashtags used for each model across all platforms and found that the Tesla Model 3 came out top with over a billion mentions.

Runner up was the Tesla Model S, the latest version of which will do 0-60mph in a staggering 1.9 seconds.

The third most popular EV was Audi’s all-electric SUV the E-tron, while Porsche’s rocket-fast Taycan came in fourth.

Rounding off the top five was Ford’s new battery-powered Mustang.

These models all come at a premium however, so it’s worth researching to find the best value EV.

While the more expensive models offer jaw-dropping performance, they may not have the best range or charging times.

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Tesla’s Model 3 can’t be ignored when it comes to picking an EV however.
An unrivalled charging network, great handling and some scarcely-believable technology combine to make it a very alluring package.
It isn’t quite as cheap as first suggested though and the ride can be a bit firm.
But it’s practical, very quick and has a range of 272 miles in standard, or 358 miles in long-range trim.

Meanwhile, Kia’s new model the EV6 just won What Car’s prestigious Car of the Year award for 2022 and is definitely one to consider.

Starting from £40,945 the EV6 has a beautiful interior, acres of space and a claimed range of 328 miles per charge.

Buyers looking for similar room at a lower price point should look at the Skoda Enyaq. Like all the Czech maker’s cars it offers great value for money, starting at £34,850.

That comes with practical touches for transporting a family and great handling, although range is lower at 239 miles per charge.

If budget is a priority and the cheapest route into an EV is needed, then the Peugeot e-208 is a best bet.

Starting at just £28,260 after the Government’s EV grant, it looks superb, has a 100kw fast charger as standard and features a digital cockpit.

Alternatively, the first mass-produced electric car, the Nissan Leaf has also been revamped and offers a lot of value for only £26,845.

Practical and better-looking than previously, it can do 300 miles on a charge costing only around £13.

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