Everrati unveils first electric 964 cabriolet

Nothing like the thrill of a drop-top Porsche, right? Wind in the hair, flat six howli… oh

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, 5 October 2022 / Loading comments

Protest all you want, there’s no stopping the rise of the electrified classic. Indeed, when even Superformance is onboard with the idea of new GT40 builds with battery power, the idea probably has some momentum behind it. Superformance is building those cars with Everrati, another company that seemingly shows no signs of slowing down either. Here’s its latest effort: a 964 ‘Wide Body’ cabriolet.  

It follows the 964 coupe driven on PH last year, with the same 510hp and 369lb ft from a 62kWh battery. Everrati claims the cabio will reach 60mph in less than four seconds and return 200 miles on a range. A 440hp option will also be available.  

Much like the coupe, the 964 drop-top has been designed to retain the feel of the original as much as possible, with weight distribution and chassis response aiming to evoke the flat-six original. Additionally, Everrati maintains that all modifications are fully reversible, so an electrified car can be returned to stock if a more traditional mid-life crisis is preferred. Heaven knows what reinstating petrol power to an electric Porsche 911 might actually cost, though.  

The Wide Body cabriolet is being built in collaboration with Aria Group in Irvine, California (we love a convertible Porsche in the UK, and they really love them on the USA’s west coast) a commercial tie-up that makes eminent sense, especially with the ever-tightening air regulations in California. It means 964s can be converted on both sides of the Atlantic, and goes someway to fulfilling Everrati’s ‘desire to positively contribute towards reducing air pollution’.

As with the Coupe and Targa that Everrati already offers, this 964 convertible will be offered in Pure or Signature spec, as well as an officially licensed Gulf Signature Edition. It’s a wonder there are any standard old 911s left by now, given the apparently rampant appetite for restomoding. Helpfully, there are still some for sale here and Everrati would certainly like you to know that its order books are open. 

Founder and CEO, Justin Lunny, added: “Everrati prides itself on enhancing the original ‘feel’ and character of iconic cars, and the pure open-top driving experience of the 964 Cabriolet, now combined with state-of-the-art EV power, means our customers can enjoy convertible thrills in truly sustainable, 21-century style. At present, the options open to buyers in the convertible EV market are extremely scarce, and we are proud to have created a cutting-edge convertible EV above and beyond what mainstream manufacturers are delivering.” 

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