Furious mum hits out at neighbour who keeps blocking her driveway – ‘I feel like crying!’

Merseyside: Traffic builds up after parking row

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A mum has recently taken to Mumsnet to hit out at her neighbour who constantly keeps parking across her driveway despite being asked not to. It has now become a much bigger issue due to the ongoing refusal.

Having annoying neighbours is not uncommon in the UK.

From noisy parties to disputed parking spaces, there are many reasons why neighbours may have reservations towards each other.

Trying to communicate with annoying neighbours is usually the best way to solve issues but it does not always work.

One woman took to Mumsnet to explain how her neighbour is constantly blocking her driveway and continues to do this despite being asked not to, The Mirror reported.

The post read: “He continues to park his work van over the front of my driveway over a dropped curb.

“I’ve asked him politely just two days ago to please stop doing this and he said he would and now he’s gone and done it again.

“I feel like crying.”

She added: “He doesn’t have a driveway, his has a wall at the front of his house – and I don’t.

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“I park on my driveway and so he parks across what would be his drive and mine.

“I’ve just gone round and almost cried with frustration.

“His excuse ‘it’s a long van’”.

People were quick to comment on the post, advising the woman to keep telling the man to move his van.

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One wrote: “Ask him to move it each time he does it.

“Call the police if he persists.”

Another added: “What he is doing is illegal.

“Report him to the council – take photos of him blocking you in first for proof – and report him.”

One person responded: “‘It’s a long van’ It’s YOUR long van and MY drive.”

Another added: “One option when people park across your drive is to park across your own drive.

“You shouldn’t have to, obviously.”

A third wrote: “It drives me insane when people park across my drive.

“If it happens in the day time I sit in my car with my hand on the horn for as long as it takes.

“Usually about 10 minutes.

“It hasn’t made me very popular but I bought a house with a drive so I could use it.”

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