Green-over-tan Ferrari 812 Superfast for sale

All your Ferrari configurator dreams come true!

By Matt Bird / Sunday, 29 May 2022 / Loading comments

So you’ve decided to splash out on a supercar – congratulations. Once the choice has been made on which one to go for (not the work of a moment, surely), then the really tough work begins – you’ve got to think about the spec…

Colours, upholsteries, materials and options are a bigger deal for all involved, arguably, than ever before. For customers, it means the chance to create something bespoke from the factory that would have previously required aftermarket modifying to achieve; in a social media world, being able to show off something that nobody else has is crucial. Taken to its extreme, that means cars like the £20m Rolls-Royce Boat Tail. Leading us to the next point – special builds make good money. More choice for the customer on paint, leather and everything else means more spent, and that has to be good news for the manufacturers. Last but by no means least, those kids young and old out there still excited by supercars get even more giddy when the Ferrari isn’t red and the Lamborghini not yellow.

We’ve all become armchair spec experts in recent years; configurators have got so good we know what the lotto jackpot would go on down to the contrast stitching. And shared them online, too: Instagram gives us a great looks at virtual specs and real life ones. All of which probably makes us more judgemental about what others have gone for, dismissing the common colour combos as unoriginal and predictable. Losing sight of the fact the cars remain brilliant.

Plus, let’s not forget, it’s a whole lot easier to be bold on the internet and less courageous in real life – ask your Twitter trolls. The pressure of tradition is considerable, and dealers can be persuasive as well; not to mention the fact that, well, Ferraris tend to look great in red and Lamborghinis very often suit yellow.

It’s a big decision to break from the norm, basically, especially when spending hundreds of thousands of pounds. Nevertheless, fortune favours the brave. Nowhere is that truer than with this 812 Superfast. Because, yes, that really is green over tan with silver wheels – just like the Ferrari you promised would be the first Lotto purchase. Not red, not yellow, not blue even – a dark green Ferrari. Like a boss.

Specifically, this is Verde Abetone, which looks a flat rather than a metallic green, with Ferrari’s Cuoio leather. It’s a 2019 Superfast with 4,000 miles, and the advert reads exactly how those of us who like our supercars a bit more subdued might like to see: “The optional extras tally is a lengthy one, although not in the traditional sense of gloss carbon everywhere, more understated yet tasteful colour choices and functional equipment, working perfectly with the historic Verde paintwork.” Nice.

Even the interior works a treat, with a colour split between the top and bottom of the dash that ensure it’s not a tan overload. The splashes of green for the seats are a nice touch, and the original owner even went for a conventional white-on-black tacho – classy.

The best bit? All that money spent on the stunning extras three years ago won’t cost the next owner, fortunate soul they’re set to be, an enormous premium. At £300k this is one of the more expensive 812s – believe it or not a similar (if not quite so epic) green car is for sale at £245k – but it remains possible to spend more on a lower mileage car. Not that the odd £50k here or there will matter when your numbers come in – not to get a green Ferrari quite as cool as this one, that is.

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