Hot Polestar 2 teased ahead of debut

We're promised 'something thrilling' for March 21st – expect much gold

By Matt Bird / Friday, 17 March 2023 / Loading comments

If not exactly perfect, the Polestar 2 BST is a likeable performance car. It feels engineered by and aimed at folk like us, people for whom driving is to be enjoyed and partaken in – not merely endured. Ultimately, however, the efforts of Polestars chassis gurus are undermined by the inherent compromises of the 2, meaning that its very decent sports saloon was never likely to be elevated to the status of a truly great one.

That might be about to change, however. Polestar is promising us ‘something thrilling’ come next week. Its recent tweet has been accompanied by a teaser image of the new car, which is clearly the updated 2 (see the light signature) and appears to be fitted with some of the BST goodies, including the forged wheels and gold brake calipers. The ride height seems a lot less lofty than standard, too, with a much-reduced gap between wheelarch and tyre. Given the response to the BST 270 (all of them sold out, and it seems like quite quickly), it seems almost certain Polestar having another go at a proper go-faster flagship 2. A series production model would mean BST customers could keep their limited edition kudos, too.

Don’t forget, moreover, that the update for the new 2 is far more than just cosmetic. The front-drive base model is now rear-wheel drive, and the AWD variants – which will form the basis for whatever a new BST becomes – will now go further, charge faster and drive better if Polestar’s claims are to be believed. A ‘completely rebalanced drivetrain setup and torque ratio’ is promised, with a more powerful rear axle motor coming to give the car a balance less dictated by the front end and (hopefully) a torque split more interesting than 50:50.

We’ll see. For now, Polestar is adding nothing more than a ‘buckle up’ caption and date confirmation. But given the popularity of the limited edition and the worthwhile changes coming for the 2, it would seem daft not to take advantage. Expect more on Tuesday.  

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