How I picked the right car for me, the VW Tiguan: My buying experience

At the end of the day, it boiled down to the Tiguan & Kodiaq. And the smile that the Tiguan had put on my face every time I drove it, was hard to ignore.

BHPian EaurougeatSpa recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Happy to share that we took delivery of our Dolphin Grey Tiguan.

Many thanks to the TBhpians and the varied posts on multiple threads that have helped make this decision over the past few weeks.

Booking and delivery process

My SA reached out to me a few weeks back saying they are finally getting a good number of allotments as promised by VW and asked me to keep everything ready from my end. I had given nightshade blue and dolphin grey as my color preference.

The following day got a call again confirming that VW has allotted a dolphin grey to the dealer and SA checked with me if I wanted to go ahead with it or wait for another color. Over the past few weeks, I had come to like the dolphin grey more than the black and hence gave the go-ahead to the SA. The SA shared the VIN with me after that which indicated the car was fresh out of the plant.

Three days later the car was in the dealer stockyard and ready for PDI. I requested the SA to get the car to the showroom as their stockyard is far away from the city center and was obliged. The dealer had performed their PDI as well and said that all was in order from their side. I did a quick PDI check and the ODO was at 31 Kms (21 Kms to the showroom from the stockyard included) which seemed reasonable to me. The tires were also from a new batch.

Cleared the PDI and made part payment to the dealer to commence the formalities. Once we agreed on the insurance quote, inclusions and was provided the details the next day, released the remaining payment to him.

Rest was all as per protocol and was kept informed through the RTO process and other formalities and was informed that the car would be ready for delivery in 3 days’ time but since I was traveling and the festival days were up ahead, decided to move the delivery to the day of the festival.

Delivery day

All last-minute paperwork was completed, fastag affixed, and the number plates were also received from the RTO and installed on the car. I had also requested for some other accessories such as the dynamic hub caps (indulgence) and the aluminium sport pedals which had also been already installed.

This was followed by the unveiling of the car and a cake cutting. A detailed hour-long walk-through was provided by the SA on features, booklets etc which was very well done. Came across quite a few features which I had not known earlier such as the unique car seat setting that is associated with each key fob, side mirror settings auto application to the other mirrors, rear washer for the camera etc. The factory paint comes with a 6-year warranty and a 12-year corrosion warranty as well.

Post this, a quick final inspection was required to be performed and signed off as a part of the handover documents. Received an idol, some chocolates, flowers, car fragrance etc as a gift. Handed over some sweets which we had got for the staff and thanked them.

Overall, a very well-organized and executed handover session at the dealer.

Journey of choosing the right car for me

The two years of no travel at work and/or otherwise and being stuck at home started the itch of buying a new car again. As usual, I follow most car launches whichever segment they belong to. Below are a few cars that I came close to buying or considering.

Skoda Superb

This has always had my eye ever since the first generation was launched in India. Absolutely love this car and especially more because I am a sedan guy (yes, I am laughing at myself now considering the thread on which I am posting this). Test drove it, loved it. Felt very comfortable, and safe but two things drove me out of this first love. No 1 was that it felt like it added 10 years to my age when I was driving the L&K version and the second was that the rear seat is strictly for two people. Moved on.

Skoda Octavia

Loved the look of the car, asked for a test drive and absolutely loved the rocket combo of the 2.0 engine and the size of the car. I have a Verna in my garage and in comparison, the Octavia did not feel much bigger, especially at the rear. Strangely also felt claustrophobic at the back. Moved on.

Skoda Kodiaq

While I was on my test drive for the Octavia, the SA showed me some pics of the upcoming Kodiaq when I shared with him that I felt the Octavia wasn’t spacious enough. The Kodiaq looked impressive and decided to have a look at it when it launched in a couple of weeks’ time. I went for the unveiling of the Kodiaq and the first thing that hit me was the sheer size of the car, especially from the side. A land yacht. The kit was very impressive and so was the introductory price at the time of launch. Shortlisted this.

VW Tiguan

My current dealer had been updating me on the upcoming Tiguan with pics and some reading material. At the time of the official launch, I was bitterly disappointed that they did not offer an R-line nor the R-line Trim as optional. Anyway was keen to check it out. A test drive vehicle was dispatched home for a drive after a few weeks of launch.

Three things that really stood out for me as to why I chose the Tiguan:

  • Engine was a delight, lots of room to rev up, smooth as butter and the paddle shifters made for instant overtakes on the highway a breeze.
  • Whatever kit was provided as a part of the car felt top-notch. Everything was clutter-free, simple and practical e.g. the lights
  • Classic understated VW look. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but for me, it hit the right spot.

There were compromises to be made though, which took some time in my head. More kit was desirable at this price point, why oh why did they not get the R line trim?

Took a few more test drives and as they say, time provides the best context, the price and the kit offered started to make sense considering other manufacturers increasing prices and lowering kits in some cases (Audi etc).

Outside contenders

  • BMW X3: Loved the way it looked and the updated kit but did not want to splurge that kind of money for an X3.
  • XC40 and XC40 recharge: The space they offered was the biggest issue.

At the end of the day, it boiled down to the Tiguan vs the Kodiaq and the smile that the Tiguan put on my face every time I drove it hard was hard to ignore.

As I have always felt especially in buying a car, heart trumps all logic and so I went for what my heart wanted. Hope this was a good read albeit a long one.

Hope to share more as a part of my initial ownership experiences. As Jeremy Clarkson would say, “Powerrrrrrr”.

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