Hyundai N cars will soon get carbon-fibre wheel option

The recently unveiled Ioniq 5 N could be the first to get the option.

According to media reports, Hyundai’s N performance division could soon start offering carbon-fibre wheel options on its models. The carmaker is said to have partnered with Dymag Wheels to offer carbon-hybrid wheels on future models from the Hyundai N division.

Neither Dymag Wheels of Hyundai have shared any details. However, a prototype wheel featuring a carbon-fibre composite outer rim with a forged-metallic centre was showcased next to the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N, at the recently concluded Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Dymag states that the new carbon-hybrid wheel helps the N models save around 40 – 50 per cent of weight compared to traditional alloy wheels, while also improving stiffness & strength. Also, the lighter wheels are said to offer drivers more feedback and improved steering feel.

While details of when the carbon wheels will enter production is yet to be announced. Although, reports do suggest the Ioniq 5 N could be the first to get the option. The N version of the upcoming Ioniq 6 could also get the carbon-fibre wheels.

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