Jeep Wrangler Climbing Hell's Gate In First Person Video Looks Terrifying

Moab is a mecca for offroading and one of the most popular Jeep Jamboree destinations. It features some epic trails with challenging obstacles, including a steep ascent called Hell’s Gate. It’s an intimidating climb, one that gives spectators sweaty palms. But looking at it from a first-person point of view, it seems positively heart-stopping. 

Hell’s Gate is a steep, V-shaped incline located near the Colorado River across from Arches National Park. It’s uneven, but the real challenge is the incline, which varies from 20 to 45 degrees. Looking at it from inside a Jeep Wrangler, it appears to go straight up. 

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As the Wrangler begins its ascent, it tilts skyward, creeping along slowly. The music soundtrack, added by the Roaming Rubicon YouTube channel, adds to the drama. It sounds like a mixture of suspenseful game show music and a score from a classic horror movie. 

Inch by inch, the Jeep continues its climb. It tilts side to side as it pitches over uneven terrain. According to several online trail guides, the tricky part of Hell’s Gate is keeping on the right path. Go too far one way or another, and a vehicle can tip over backward. 

Nearing the summit, the Wrangler levels out briefly, making the next part of the Hell’s Gate climb appear like a giant step. For the uninitiated, it looks impossible to surmount. For experienced offroaders, it’s still nerve-racking. While the trail doesn’t require a vehicle built for offroading with 35-inch tires and lockers, it’s undoubtedly a good idea.   

Pitching skyward again, the Jeep continues its ascent. As it nears the top, other vehicles come into view, and people begin watching the Wrangler as it approaches the finish. The hood bobs up and down, and the vehicle rocks from side to side again as it climbs closer and closer to the summit. 

Finally, the Jeep Wrangler reaches the summit. The obstacle is part of the Hell’s Revenge trail, which includes the Huntress Arch and scenic views of the Colorado River. But for many, climbing the Hell’s Gate is reason enough to make the trip. Tackling it when it’s dry seems difficult enough. Tackling it when it’s wet is boss-level stuff.   

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