Lamborghini unveils Huracan STO SC 10 Anniversario

Super Trofeo Omologato not racy enough? There's more to this than just a paint job…

By Matt Bird / Thursday, 16 November 2023 / Loading comments

There’s no doubting the Huracan STO is one of Lamborghini’s best recent supercars. Any lingering doubts that the Huracan might not be a ‘proper’ driver’s car were expunged in a blaze of sound, poise, engagement and exhilaration. It’s epic, and the ideal base for a special edition that celebrates a decade of the Squadra Corse race team: the Huracan STO SC 10 Anniversario. 

Unveiled at the Lambo World Finals 2023 in Vallelunga, it looks like the average anniversary special. The livery, combining Verde Mantis with Nero Noctis and a tricolour, is inspired by the SC63 LMDh racer; there are ‘Squadra Corse 10 Anniversario’ logos on the doors to celebrate the motorsport success of Sant’Agata, too. There’s even more carbon fibre than usual, and a plaque inside. So far, so predictable. 

There’s more to the Anniversario than meets the eye, however, as this is a true motorsport inspired-special. Lamborghini proudly proclaims that this is the first road car that its Squadra Corse engineers have had some influence on, the result being a performance kit. For a 640hp, two-wheel-drive, track focused Lamborghini – so it’s probably going to be quite special. The standard active suspension has been junked in favour of four ‘racing derived shock absorbers’ that are adjustable in compression and rebound and both high and low speed, which must be the first time such equipment has been found on a Lamborghini. The Squadra Corse special even gets its own tyre, a new Bridgestone (presumably an evolution of the Potenza Race) that will boost track performance thanks to a new compound. 

Buried in that new livery are a pair of carbon flics in the bonnet; combined with a rear wing three degrees higher than a regular STO, increased downforce at both ends are promised. Again, hardly like the base car was lacking, but tremendously exciting for those who want to use the car as intended – who wouldn’t want a go in the best V10 Lamborghini ever, made better by the factory race team? Told you it was more than just silly stickers.

Lambo CTO Rouven Mohr said of the new car: “The Huracán STO SC 10° Anniversario is not only a tribute to our racing division Squadra Corse, but a concrete demonstration of how experience gained in motorsport can be effectively transferred to the road product, enhancing performance and driving pleasure. We firmly believe that motorsport is the most technically sophisticated and challenging test bed, and Squadra Corse’s know-how is a valuable asset that deserves to be highlighted on unique models and limited road series with a racing vocation.” More of this please, everyone.

Lamborghini hasn’t yet stated exactly how many of these STOs will be made; can’t be many given production is set to wind up very soon, and there are all those Sterratos to get through. Maybe it’ll be 63, like so many special edition Lamborghinis. 10 would be a bit mean. There isn’t a price yet, understandably (probably had to be at the World Finals for that), though expect a healthy premium over the c. £260k a non-Squarda retailed at. Or even the £300k a secondhand one cost. With the spec as it is, however, plus the Anniversario’s status as one of the last V10s, don’t be surprised if however many are being made are spoken for very soon. 

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