Nissan Hyper Force EV supercar concept with 1300 BHP unveiled

The next-gen GT-R is said to be earmarked for production in 2028 or 2029.

Nissan showcased its latest “Hyper” concept at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show in the form of the Hyper Force. The new Nissan Hyper Force concept sits alongside 4 other concept vehicles, part of the brand’s “Hyper” banner. This includes Hyper Urban, Hyper Adventure, Hyper Tourer and Hyper Punk.

The new Nissan Hyper Force is an all-electric supercar with solid-state batteries, powering all four wheels via Nissan’s E-Force system. The electric powertrain is said to produce over 1,300 BHP, which, combined with the lightweight carbon-fibre construction, should offer an exhilarating performance both on and off the track. Nissan is also said to have taken help from its performance division, Nismo, to optimise the car’s aero for better downforce and cooling.

Inside, the supercar concept features ambient lighting depending on the driving mode selected, of which there are two: GT (Grand Touring) and R (Racing). In GT mode, the cabin is illuminated in Blue, while in R mode, the lights go Red, and the displays separate and move towards the driver to provide essential track information.

The Hyper Force also comes with augmented reality to allow owners to compete against each other while on a circuit. There is also a virtual reality mode to “drive” even when the car itself is stationary.

The next-gen GT-R is said to be earmarked for production in 2028 or 2029. The next-gen model will be powered by the solid-state batteries previewed in the Hyper Force. Nissan will set up a pilot plant for solid-state batteries next year before entering mass production in 2028.

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