Shell Recharge Pagoh DC charger – RM4 per minute 180 kW CCS2 for EVs travelling northbound JB-KL –

Shell Recharge’s Pagoh high performance charger site has now come online, as indicated by the charger now being available for booking in Shell’s ParkEasy app.

You can book it by choosing Shell HPC Northbound under the ParkEasy app and choosing the Pagoh, Johor charger. Charging is priced at RM4 per minute for standard members with a minimum ParkEasy balance of RM200 required before you can start charging.

The site features a single CCS2 gun configured to a maximum power of 180 kW, although the hardware itself has two guns. The other gun cannot be used, and will come into play only if Shell configures the site for 90+90 instead of 180.

Shell Recharge Gold & Platinum members can reserve the charger up to 1 hour in advance, while standard members can reserve it 10 minutes in advance.

Gold and Platinum members also charge at a cheaper rate of as low as RM1 per minute, but there is an annual membership fee to pay.

The availability of the Pagoh 180 kW charger is welcome as previously if you wanted to use a Shell Recharge charger, you would have to make a U-turn at Tangkak and use the southbound Shell Recharge 180 kW charger at Shell Tangkak southbound R&R, then make another U-turn to head back northbound.

Another option to use on the same route would be the Petronas Gentari Pedas Linggi 180 kW DC charger, priced at RM3 per minute.

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