South Korea: BMW offering multiple features via subscription

BMW also offers wireless Apple CarPlay as an outright option for US$305.

BMW South Korea’s ConnectedDrive store offers customers a chance to download a variety of apps and features. The apps are installed via over-the-air updates without requiring vehicle owners to bring the car to the service centre.

According to a media report, one such feature offered by BMW is heated seats. Customers who want the comfort feature on their existing BMWs are required to shell out a monthly fee of 24,000 won (equivalent to US$ 18). Alternatively, customers can also opt for a one-year or three-year subscription plan which costs US$176 and US$283, respectively. Customers who want the feature permanently can opt for it by paying US$406.

Another similar feature on offer is the heated steering wheel, which will cost either US$10 per month, US$92 for a year or US$161 for a three-year subscription. Customers can also opt to buy it outright for US$222.

In addition to this, customers can also opt for features like Driving Assistant Plus for US$39 per month, High Beam Assistant for US$8.5 per month and BMW Drive Recorder for US$11.5 per month. All these features will come with a one-month test period, allowing the customers to trial the feature before paying the subscription fee.

BMW also offers wireless Apple CarPlay as an outright option for US$305. There is also a unique feature called IconicSounds Sport, which plays fake engine noises through the car’s speakers. While there is no subscription fee, customer can have it installed permanently by paying US$138.

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