Team-BHP Wayanad Drive’s 10th anniversary: Amazing cars & great company

It was indeed a special one. The roads were great and we had some fun driving both on the highway and through the twisties and hills.

BHPian Dr.AD recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

As always, this was an amazing drive-and-meet event! Many thanks to @RSUDARSANAN for organizing this meet and making it a big success, as he has been doing for the last 10 years! This being the 10th-anniversary drive, it was indeed a special one and exceeded all expectations! Thanks again “Chief” (as we lovingly call RSUDARSANAN) for all the wonderful drives and memories over the last 10 years!

Thanks to everyone for making it to the drive and for the great company! It was great to meet old friends, but in addition to that, we made many new friends this that, and that was great! Hope to see you guys again in the next drive. Thanks again for the fun times and the company!

I had a great time and enjoyed every moment of this lovely drive and meet. The resort was in an amazing location and provided breathtaking views. The roads were great and we had some fun drives both on the highway and then through the twisties and hills in Kerala. It was a perfect drive in many ways.

I got plenty of opportunities to take photographs in the resort (thanks to the amazing lake views and the great location of the resort), and also of the beautiful cars (thanks to the large convoy with so many amazing cars and their passionate owners!). I got way more photographs than I could share in a single post.

Resort and the Surroundings:

The amazing location of the resort:

Cottages with great lake views:

Views from my room’s balcony:

Great lake views from almost every corner of the resort:

Pool with a view:

Another perspective of the beautiful pool:

Bench with a view:

BHPian 500ContyCruiser shared more pictures of the drive-and-meet:

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