Warning issued to drivers over Clean Air Zones that could charge £300

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New Clean Air Zones came into place last year in several cities and towns across the UK. And now, bad credit car finance provider, Go Car Credit, has revealed that motorists could get caught out and punished with hefty fines by driving through Clean Air Zones.

A lorry could be charged a total of £300 per day if all four Clean Air Zones (CAZs) are entered between Bradford, Birmingham, Bristol and Bath in a single day.

A vehicle is considered non-compliant if they fail to meet the following minimum emission standards:

  • Euro VI (diesel) – lorries or buses
  • Euro 6 (diesel) and Euro 4 (petrol) – vans, minibuses, taxis, private hire vehicles, cars
  • Euro 3 – motorcycles

The zones run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the charge period running from midnight to midnight.

Motorists have until 11:59pm on the sixth day after driving into the zone to pay any charges.

Charges are cheaper for non-compliant cars but more expensive for lorries and buses.

CAZs aim to address all sources of pollution and improve clean air quality, according to motoring experts.

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Outside of London, Clean Air Zones exist in:

  • Bath – £9 for non-compliant vans and taxis; £100 for lorries and buses
  • Birmingham – £8 for non-compliant cars; £50 for lorries and buses
  • Bradford – £7 for non-compliant private hire vehicles; £50 for lorries and buses
  • Bristol (charging starts on 28 November 2022) – £9 for non-compliant vans and taxis; £100 for lorries and buses
  • Portsmouth- £10 for vans and taxis; £50 for lorries and buses

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Upcoming Clean Air Zones include: 

  • Sheffield (charging starts in early 2023) – £10 for vans and taxis; £50 for lorries and buses
  • Tyneside – Newcastle and Gateshead (charging starts at some point in 2023)
  • Greater Manchester (under review)

Hayley O’Connor at Go Car Credit said: “If you’re thinking about changing your vehicle, now might be a good time to consider ones which meet Euro 6 and Euro 4 standards to avoid costly charges for entering a CAZs.

“Nearly every new car sold since September 2015 should meet these standards.”

If the CAZ charges aren’t paid, the current standard penalty charge notice (PCN) is £120, and drivers have up to 28 days to pay.

Alternatively, they can pay within 14 days of the date of issue of the PCN, but it will still cost £60.

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