He Knew About the Cloud, Then Showed Her the Stars

When a mutual friend told Krishna Kant that Anne Kim needed help understanding cloud infrastructure, she was actually being sly.

“Our mutual friend knew that if she tried to set me up with anyone, I would have simply not gone along with it,” said Mr. Kant, 45, a senior network engineer in Los Angeles for the Aerospace Corporation. He graduated from the California Institute of Technology.

“I’m a computer guy, so when I was asked to give Anne a hand with a subject she was having some trouble with, I said, ‘Yeah sure, no problem,’” said Mr. Kant, whose company was based in Washington, D.C. at that time.

They met at a Tibetan restaurant in Los Angeles in February 2017, and were instantly attracted to each other.

“I thought he had these big, beautiful expressive eyes and he was such a good listener,” said Ms. Kim, 34, an analyst in San Francisco for the California Public Utilities Commission. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and has a master’s degree in policy and management from Harvard.

“Our conversations were always so engaging,” Ms. Kim added. “As far as banter went, he was really amazing.”

Mr. Kant was equally impressed. “I thought she was super charming and really smart and intelligent,” he said. “She was just super attractive all the way around.”

They went on a second date a few days later, and Ms. Kim suggested they have drinks. “She took me to a Scotch bar in Los Angeles,” Mr. Kant said. “I though I was the Scotch connoisseur between us, but her knowledge of it just blew me away.”

Although Ms. Kim really did need help, it was in the course of the conversation that she learned a great deal about Mr. Kant by the style in which he went about observing and teaching.

“What made me realize that Krishna was a true gem was the way he explained cloud computing services without ever talking down to me when I did not understand something,” Ms. Kim said. “A gentle nature paired with a sharp mind is downright seductive.”

Ms. Kim, the daughter of Helen Kim of Los Angeles, where Ms. Kim was born and raised, and Hanacan Kim, who is deceased, was soon involved in a long-distance relationship with Mr. Kant. He still lived in Washington and moved to Los Angeles in November 2018; he is the son of Nageshwari Kant of Eden Prairie, Minn., and the late Raj Kant.

On one of Mr. Kant’s early trips to Los Angeles, on a Fourth of July weekend in 2017, involved him flying from Washington to the Bay Area, borrowing a telescope from a friend there, then driving to Los Angeles to pick up Ms. Kim, and taking her to the dark skies of the desert to show her the stars.

“It was just so romantic,” Ms. Kim said. “I just knew this was the man I was going to marry.”

They were married Oct. 20 at the groom’s Los Angeles apartment before nine virtual guests, including George Angulo, a deputy commissioner of civil marriages for Los Angeles County, and the couple’s five-year-old niece, Riya, and two-year-old nephew, Leo, who served as both flower children and ring bearers and who pretended to pass along virtual rose petals and ring pops to the couple during the ceremony.

The couple originally planned to marry at the Los Angeles County registrar-recorder/county clerk’s LAX Courthouse, before the same nine guests, albeit in-person, but the coronavirus changed those plans.

“We have so many beloved friends from so many chapters of our lives,” the bride said. “We would have loved for all of them to be there, but we didn’t want to put anyone at risk.”

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