Expert explains: So is it his bike properly

Cycling is good for the heart and circulation. For the back, knees and hands but it can be a burden, when the bike is not well tuned to the driver or the driver.

Ideally, the torso on the bike is tilted slightly forward and the body’s center of gravity is over the pedals, explains Prof. Joachim Grifka of the Orthopaedic University clinic Regensburg, Asklepios Abbach in Bad.

Saddle and Handlebar adjust correctly

The angle between arms and torso is at best 90 degrees.

For this, you should not put the Handlebars too far forward and the saddle is so high that the knee is slightly bent when the pedals are at the lowest point. This protects the knee, because the weight is on the saddle and easy to move in.

Who has problems with the knees, one should prefer to select lighter gears and steeper passages avoid. In the case of strong climbs and high gears, the knees are heavily loaded.

With neck problems rather upright sitting

Plagues of neck problems, should be the Seating position more upright. The classic road bike position is far forward bent upper body, can lead to tension, since you put the head in the nape of the neck.

In General, it is advisable, from time to time to take a break, to loosen the muscles in the neck area.

To numb hands to prevent, should the forearm and hands To form a straight line, and the arms slightly bent. As soon as pain or a tingling feeling, you should insert a short Pause and the hands shaking.

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