For shoulders and arms: 26-minute Workout from Coach Kofi

If a targeted muscle building wants to be, and should be trained muscle groups, and also isolated.

Coach Kofi from Hamburg shows dirin our YouTube Video on how you make such a workout for your upper arms effectively.

The focus is also on the shoulders, besides the biceps and the triceps. At the same time the chest muscles are the Exercises by themselves, under-voltage set – the perfect all-around package.

The correct technique in mind

The crisp Workout, you can wonderful for you to perform at home. You only need dumbbells two Pairs of short, a slight and a little heavier.

“Because of water, maybe even bottles,” explains Kofi. “When a Exercise the weight of your Arm is enough sometimes.”

Depending on the power level, Kofi is recommended for men dumbbells with a weight of 7.5 to 12.5 pounds, and for women around the age of 2.5 to 5 pounds.

“But we want to prioritize getting the technology – so don’t overdo it with the weight.”

Who has no dumbbells at the ready, the Workout but absolutely want to try, you can alternatively also use a Theraband.

The Workout consists of five Exercises á 10 reps per round. Between the Exercises for half a Minute pauses.


Since the Arm Workout joints, especially the shoulder-in movement, they must be well warmed up and mobilised – this is best achieved by a Rotation of the joint.

  • Position yourself first in the all-fours position.
  • Stretch the left Arm forward and rotate it in a nice big circle to the back.

“Be careful with the upper body to turn,” explains Kofi. “The breast shall show to the ground.”

  • After you’ve drawn in this way, with the Arm in three great circles, route it under your torso through to the other side, until you touch the shoulder to the floor.
  • Open your torso back and stretch the Arm upwards. Once you’ve also leads this movement three Times, is the other side of it.

After a warm-up exercise follows. Output position is Plank, the a High.

This means that The hands under the shoulders to place the body is under high tension and forming a Straight, the head is held in extension of the back.

  • Perform in this Position, per side, some Arm Raises, you should raise alternating arms to the front.
  • To tell you, after this Exercise, finally, by putting your hands in small steps in the direction of your feet.
  • From a distance, when you arrived in the upright position, your arms upwards.

Return through the sequence then, with small steps, back into the high Plank back and lead this last Movement two more times.

After you have your arms, still a little shaken, did you do the warm-up program already!

1. Arnold Press

This Exercise is a variation of the classic Overhead Press. The focus of this Exercise is mainly on the shoulder heads.

Kofi is recommended that Exercise in the Sitting perform. As a result, the Core is relieved and you can focus entirely on the work Arm muscles ends.

Grab two Weights, and place the legs to your upper – from there, you can promote them using your legs to the starting position.

  • At the beginning of the Exercise, the Weights in front of your chest with your palms to show your body, the elbows are tight.
  • Do the Press, you should raise both arms up over your head.
  • Rotate during the Ausstreckens with your arms so that your palms out of your body to show off.
  • Both arms sink slowly back down before you reach out to them again explosive to the top.

Kofi emphasized that the dumbbells with the arms outstretched to really clean over your head – this is also a straight upper body posture is essential.

2. Hammer Curl/Bicep Curl

There are two Curl variations allow your biceps certainly tremble to follow. Position yourself in the upright position, both arms outstretched, once again, the Weights. Start with the Hammer Curl:

  • Both dumbbells leads to high to your shoulders to rotate without the hands – in-your-hand-back shows on the page. The elbows remain consistently close to the body.

After you’ve lowered your arms back slowly, the biceps Curl:

  • Here, too, both dumbbells to the shoulder. Now turn your forearms so that your back of the hand in the top Position facing forward.

“Swinging in the Exercise with the torso, but really work only from the elbow joint,” explains Kofi. “The slower you absenkst your arms, the more effective the Exercise is.”

3. Dips

This Exercise aims particularly intense on the triceps – it’s no wonder that it is Kofis favorite exercise for this Muscle group.

You need a stable, knee-high object with an edge, on which you can rely.

  • Sit first of all on this subject, and position your hands kidney shoulder-width apart next to your buttocks. Let your body down slowly.
  • If your Po is just above the ground, by stretch out your arms and press you again to the top.

Kofi emphasized that the chest should be kept all the time up, to avoid an unhealthy posture, and Rotation.

“With the foot stand you can determine the intensity,” he explains. The further the legs are extended, the more difficult the execution.

4. Reverse Butterfly

A uniform build muscle mass, it is important not to forget any games. Therefore, we isolated in this Exercise, especially in the rear shoulder raised.

And for that, you don’t need much of anything the weight of water bottles or dumbbells with one to two kilos more than enough!

  • Flexion for the Stand your torso to the front. The legs are slightly bent, the back remains straight, the arms hang with the Weights extended to the bottom.
  • Now pull your arms to the side up until you are level with your torso. You sink slowly back down.

“Because it is not a back exercise, we also need not shoulder blades together and pull,” explains Kofi. The force should really only be applied with the shoulder muscles.

Important: Hold the head to relieve the pressure on the spine, is continuous in extension of your back. Look at the floor and not to the front!

5. Close Push-ups

The last Exercise will give your triceps the Rest. A lot of fun with this variant of the push-UPS.

To put the focus on the triceps, position your hands kidney nice and tight and hold also during the execution of your elbow to the inside rotate, close to the body.

“Of course, the chest is also raised but the focus is on the triceps!”

  • Also in this Exercise, lowering you slowly to the floor, and press you power up.

Your arms should make up between limp, you can change the Position of the feet to the knees, to relieve the pressure on your torso.

After you’ve completed all five Exercises in two rounds, you’re already through with the Training!

Cornelia Bertram

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