Of Kayla Itsines: Six simple Butt Exercises for at home

The leg training causes most athletes a very special love-hate relationship. There is not even heavier Weights in the Gym, the muscle soreness out zukitzeln.

Also in the own four walls, you can make an intense Workout, the muscle strands in the legs and buttocks calls for properly.

Intense workout without heavy Weights

Fitness Star Kayla Itsines knows how to do it, and has put together on her Instagram Account a Workout Video with six crisp Exercises for Butt and legs.

Everything you need to run is a location, as well as a Resistance Band then it can start already.

“If you don’t have a Restistance Band to Hand, you can perform these Exercises with only your body weight,” explains Kayla.

Do per Exercise every movement twelve Times. For a complete Workout, you should complete two more rounds. Your muscles warm up before a workout, enough three of the Exercises.

So what are you waiting for? Let ’em burn!

1. Single Leg Glute Bridge

This Workout is supposed to bring, especially the Po-muscles-Tremble – that’s why Kaya go directly tough.

  • Lie back on your exercise Mat and legs bent – the Band around your thighs.
  • Now shift your pelvis, and your right leg, pull it upwards to your body.
  • From sink your hips back until your Butt almost touches the ground. Stretch the right leg back from.

Tip: To get the desired muscle strands in the Po, as well as the rear legs to address the eighth on a stable Stand to your feet and turn of the power, especially with the heel.

2. Glute Bridge & Opening

The next Exercise aims not only to the rear leg muscles, but also the side areas to speak at the same time your legs. The starting position is the supine position.

  • Lifting in this Position your hips upwards. Now, both feet remain firmly standing on the ground.
  • If your pelvis is raised, open and close your legs before your hips finally absenkst.

Also in the case of this Exercise, it is important to be mindful of the force from the heels of spending the Pomuskeln address.

3. Side Plank & Hip Abduction

The lateral muscle strands to be moved with this Exercise, a stronger focus.

  • Position yourself first on the side of the Mat. Your weight is on the left, supports Arm and your left leg. The Band is located approximately at the height of your knee.
  • The Exercise is performed by you lift your free leg extended also, and again lowering.
  • According to the twelve repetitions of the other side of the row.

The beauty of this exercise variation: As you are permanently in the side Plank, you have to stabilize your body, causing more muscles to work.

4. Donkey Kicks

Position yourself for the next Exercise in the all-fours position and place the Restistance Band slightly above your knees.

  • Do the Donkey Kicks, you absenkst a angewinkeltes leg upward lift, and finally slowly again.
  • Your head keep during the entire Exercise into an extension of your spine – you look so on the ground and not to the front.

Eighth in the execution exactly on the working muscle – this Muscle-Mind Connection you can achieve even better training results.

5. Crab Walk

The last two Exercises not only the muscles in your Butt effectively, but also call for the legs.

  • To place you at one end of your location, the Band is once again just above your knee.
  • Now go easy in the knee and take a large side step. To pull the other leg back and then go back one step in the other direction.

Tip: The further you go in this Exercise in the knee, the more strenuous and more effective the execution is.

6. Zig Zag Walk

The Zig Zag Walk is similar to running as the Exercise before. This Time you are moving, however, not to the side, but go in small steps to the front and back.

  • Position yourself again at one end of the Mat. Your right foot put a little more to the right in the front.
  • Prefer your left foot by auftippst first briefly next to your right foot and back to the left pull.
  • Move in this way from one end of the Mat forward of the other. Once there, it goes back in reverse.

Also here: Go a bit more in the knee, in order to claim your muscles stronger.

After you have carried out in this way, twelve steps per page, you’re already through with the Workout.

Cornelia Bertram

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