What is it?: 8 well-known summer myths facts check

With the heat you pop up again – the summer myths: Discolored the water in the Pool-pink learning? Alcohol acts in the heat more?

Can you drink after Snacking on cherries water? And: Are expensive sun creams really better? Time for a fact check.

1. Pool-Urinator can be transferred, because the urine discolored the water.

Rating: Technically possible in the meantime.

Fact: Even Hollywood has the topic already been adopted: In the movie ‘Grown Ups’ (child heads, 2010) is a Pool-Pisser in the outdoor swimming pool in a see-through dark blue verfärbendes water exposed.

Is it really so easy? No, say the experts at the U.S. Water Quality & Health Council. You call the Expose of pieselnden floats by means of colored pee cloud in the water as a “common Pool myth of all time”.

However, scientists at the Texas A&M University have developed a System that can transfer according to their data Pool-Pisser.

Zinc ions react with a by-product of the urine, and it lights up green. The Problem is Visible, the result is only then, when black lights are installed in the swimming pool.

2. Alcohol acts in the heat more

Evaluation: True.

The facts: heat and alcohol are not good partners, as the Federal centre for health education (BZgA) will be explained.

“When the sun burns, the effects of alcohol in the body faster and more intense”, explain the experts. The blood pressure drops and you feel tired and worn out. This can lead to circulation problems or even unconsciousness.

Who drinks alcohol and takes a bath, goes in addition to in danger. Because alcohol dilates the blood vessels, can suffer even at a water temperature of 20 to 22 degrees, a cold shock, warns the Federal centre for health education.

3. Expensive sun cream protects better

Rating: Wrong.

Facts: Almost every sun cream in the trade, protects reliably against UV-radiation. The Foundation were found to test in an investigation.

The cheaper versions keep the harmful UV rays and nourish the skin with moisture. The importance of a high light protection factor and good compatibility with the skin, the dermatologist Reinhard Mrotzek said.

A prerequisite for protection is that you use enough sun cream. A 1.80 Meter large adult needs, according to the skin experts, approximately 30 milliliters of sun cream – two tablespoons, to his whole body right to put the cream on.

4. After ice cream and cherries nothing to drink

Rating: Wrong.

Fact: “It speaks nothing against it, and then something to drink,” says Bernhard Watzl, nutrition scientist from the Max-Rubner-Institute in Karlsruhe.

The myth “may be the Hygiene in earlier times, today but not really to justify,” explains the expert.

The reason for the belief that could not be in earlier times hygienic drinking water. Germs were for abdominal pain.

Is not complied with in the manufacture and sale of Ice cream, the cold chain, bacteria can cause problems.

6. In the shade it is brown

Evaluation: True.

Facts: color for the body in the shadows – but at a slower pace and more gentle. In the words of dermatologist Mrotzek you get there, “yet 50 percent of the UV-dose”.

The expert: “If you are sitting under a tent roof or a tree, don’t care”. But be careful: “sunburn is also available in the shade or under a cloudy sky,” warns Mrotzek.

7. Mosquitoes love sweet blood

Rating: Wrong.

Facts: For the insect expert Julian Heiermann is a “myth”. The zoologist from the German nature conservation Association Nabu explains: “Some people get stung more often than others”.

The have mainly to do with the perfume: “In the sweat of a certain substance is present, the mosquitoes attracted. Some produce more of them.”

A team of researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine wants to have found out meanwhile, that about Pregnant women and obese people are afflicted with a higher body temperature and more.

8. Wet bathing suits can lead to a bladder infection

Evaluation: True.

Facts: It is tempting, just in the sun to dry. Nevertheless, you should take off after the Swim Bikini and a bathing suit quickly.

As a result, the risk of a bladder infection is minimised, such as the national chamber of pharmacists explained in lower Saxony. The cold and wet therefore decrease the blood flow and encourage the spread of bacteria that can get into the bladder.

Women are affected because of their shorter Urinary tract more of it.


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