Boris Johnson has ‘no credibility’ among DUP amid NI protocol crisis talks

PM has ‘no credibility inside unionist communities’ says expert

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is poised to greenlight controversial legislation on the Northern Ireland Protocol, as he heads to Belfast for crucial meetings in a bid to broker the political stalemate. The Prime Minister will have to tread a fine line between the unionist party DUP who oppose the protocol and the EU who threatened trade war, should the Government scrap the protocol.

DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has blocked the formation of a government over the creation of an Irish Sea customs border that he said would exacerbate the cost-of-living crisis and further separate Northern Ireland from Great Britain. GB News’ Northern Ireland reporter Dougie Beattie said Boris Johnson won’t stand a chance in the talks and will likely face scepticism from the DUP.

GB News’ Dougie Beattie told GB News viewers: “It’s all about credibility. Boris Johnson has absolutely none inside unionist communities here.

“He said there would be no border.

“Liz Truss has promised they would sort it out.

“Gove has promised he would sort it out. Frost has promised he would sort it out.

“Nothing has been sorted out.”

Since the EU and the UK formally agreed and signed the protocol in January 2020, the EU has refused to renegotiate the agreement. The UK Secretaries in charge of Brexit such as Michael Gove and David Frost have failed to bring about any change and subsequently resigned.

The current Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has prepared a bill that could see some parts of the protocol scrapped. The protocol has partly come into effect in January of this year, with goods being checked between Northern Ireland and Great Britain.

“What we’ve got to remember, there are only 30 percent of this protocol has yet come in”, Mr Beattie said.

“We’re still in the greyest period.”

“There’s another 70 percent that come in”, Mr Beattie continued.

“It’s out in about 20 percent onto our transportation costs here.”

“The amount of goods on our shelves has dwindled, so therefore there isn’t as big a selection as there was before.

“So therefore, we are starting to feel the pinch of it and it will get worse.”

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When asked about whether Boris Johnson will have any luck in brokering the stalemate, GB News’ Dougie Beattie said: “No, the short answer to that is definitely no.

“It is all down to optics and credibility. And credibility is the biggest thing here.

“Boris Johnson has been seen as he took the DUP on a journey, promised all and delivered nothing.

“And for that, he’s now paying the price.”

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