Boris Johnson tipped to return in final bid to secure Tories election

Boris Johnson 'should come back as Prime Minister' says panelist

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Boris Johnson is the only person that can “restore the natural order” to the Conservative Party and prevent Labour from winning a landslide victory at the next general election, a political commentator has said. Christopher Hope, to the shock of Jeremy Vine, said it is “increasingly” looking like the former Prime Minister is the ideal candidate to take back over from Liz Truss as the current incumbent of Downing Street appears incapable of retaining her position without the support of so many Conservative backbenchers. 

The Associate Editor (Politics) of the Daily Telegraph said: “You need to have an election soon. The Tories will lose it. I think increasingly it is going to look like someone like Boris Johnson should come back.” 

Jeremy Vine, upon hearing Mr Hope’s answer, appeared shocked as he asked: “Really?” 

Mr Hope said: “I think that is how you restore the natural order of things. He’s got to change. He’s got to get cleared by the Privileges Committee for not lying to Parliament and then say, ‘I get it and I am different’. 

“A year ago, before this Owen Paterson scandal broke, he was going to rule for 10 years. Now, he’s out, but I think if he can just go back to being in the middle of politics squaring off the north, south, east and west with their support, he can do it but he has got to change, too. I can’t see any other solution.” 

‘He can do it’: Boris Johnson tipped to return in final bid to secure Tories election win

Ms Truss, Britain’s fourth prime minister in six years, is now battling to survive in Downing Street less than six weeks after she came to power promising bold tax cuts and deregulation to reignite economic growth.

Ms Truss has been forced to reverse course after markets reacted violently to her plan, hammering the value of the pound and government bond prices and forcing the Bank of England to intervene to protect pension funds.

Veteran Conservative lawmaker Roger Gale said the power in Downing Street now lay with Number 11, the home of the Chancellor, and not Ms Truss’s Number 10. “I think Jeremy Hunt is de facto prime minister,” he said.

Mr Hunt set out tax and spending measures on Monday, two weeks earlier than scheduled, as he raced to stem a dramatic loss of investor confidence in Prime Minister Liz Truss’s government.

Mr Hope’s comments have been echoed by former cabinet minister Nadine Dorries, who said a “unity candidate” was not a viable option to save the Tory party. 

Conversations among senior MPs in support of a joint ticket for Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt, who came second and third respectively in the leadership contest, to take over from Liz Truss have been going on over the past week. 

But many MPs, including Ms Dorries, have suggested that it is not a plausible option as the Party has already voted against those two candidates. 

She wrote on Twitter: “There is no unity candidate. No one has enough support. Only one MP has a mandate from party members and from the British public – a mandate with an 80-seat majority. The choices are simple –  back Liz, if not bring back Boris or face a GE within weeks.”


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Nevertheless, British lawmakers will try to oust the Prime Minister this week despite Downing Street’s warning that it could trigger a general election, according to reports by the Daily Mail. 

More than 100 members of parliament (MPs) belonging to the governing Conservative Party are ready to submit letters of no confidence in Ms Truss to Graham Brady, the head of the Conservative Party’s committee which organises the leadership contest, the tabloid reported, quoting unnamed sources.

Britain, engulfed in a political crisis, has lost three prime ministers since it voted to leave the European Union in 2016.

The MPs will urge Mr Brady to tell Ms Truss that “her time is up” or to change the political party rules to allow an immediate vote of confidence in her leadership, the report said.


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