Bridgen tipped to join Fox’s Reclaim Party after Tory expulsion

Andrew Bridgen alleges cover up on mRNA vaccines in December

North West Leicestershire MP Andrew Bridgen is expected to join Laurence Fox’s Reclaim Party after being thrown out of the Conservative Party for a Tweet comparing the Covid vaccines programme to the Holocaust. The Conservative Party confirmed today that it expelled Mr Bridgen on April 12, despite him receiving a letter of support from 26 Jewish academics.

The former Tory MP has signalled that he is currently planning to stand as an independent MP and will run against his old party at the next election.

But it is understood that since he was suspended from the Tories in January he has been in talks about a potential move to Reclaim.

A source close to Mr Bridgen said that his preference was to stay on in the Conservative Party but the decision to expel him has forced his hand.

Reclaim has said in a statement that he is not currently joining them but Mr Fox told that his party is prepared to stand by Mr Bridgen.

Mr Fox told “The shutting down and baseless smears of a sitting MP for expressing the legitimate concerns of his constituents should worry everyone who believes in the democratic process.

“A democracy is not functioning properly if the free speech of an elected representative is shut down in the House of Commons.

“The Reclaim Party will always stand by those who pose crucial questions in the national interest. Parliamentarians should be actively encouraging open debate and enquiry, regardless of political affiliation.”

Mr Bridgen was expelled over a Tweet which compared the vaccine rollout to the Nazi’s Holocaust of the Jews.

The MP’s defence was that he was quoting an Israeli academic and he had not actually written the Tweet himself.

After the Tweet, Mr Bridgen was accused of antisemitism.

However, a group of 26 Jewish academics from Israel wrote to the Prime Minister defending the North West Leicestershire MP and supporting his questions over the vaccines.

Mr Fox has also been sceptical about the vaccine rollout and has also found common ground with Mr Bridgen on tackling woke culture and attempts to cancel individuals.

The Reclaim Party was founded by Mr Fox after attempts to cancel him as an actor following an appearance on Question Time where he argued with an audience member over what constituted racism and criticism of Meghan Markle.

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