Britons fuming as Rishi Sunak remains in leadership race – ‘Done too much damage!’

Rishi Sunak is 'best' candidate for Prime Minister says expert

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Six MPs took part in the second ballot of the Tory leadership contest with Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt, Liz Truss, Kemi Badenoch and Tom Tugendhat progressing to the third round of voting next week. Attorney General Ms Braverman promoted herself as the only “authentic” Brexiteer candidate but received the fewest number of votes from Tory MPs.

Ahead of the vote, readers shared who they wanted to be eliminated in today’s vote.

 In a poll that ran from 9am to 3pm on Thursday, July 14, asked: “Who do you want to go out in today’s round of voting?” 

In total, 5,094 votes were cast, and the winner of the second ballot, former Chancellor Mr Sunak, received the most votes against him, with 35 percent (1,761 people) wanting him to leave the contest. 

Mr Tugendhat received 20 percent (1,030 people) of the vote from readers and was just five votes clear of being eliminated from the contest.

Meanwhile, 15 percent (762 people) of readers wanted Ms Badenoch to be knocked out of the contest. 

Just 14 percent (697 people) of readers wanted Ms Braverman to be knocked out yet she only received 27 MP’s support, putting her out of the contest.

Foreign Secretary Ms Truss and Trade Minister Ms Mordaunt were readers’ most popular candidates.

Both received eight percent of the vote with 432 and 412 people voting for them respectively. 

Their popularity tallies with MPs as Ms Mordaunt placed second in the ballot with 83 votes while Ms Truss finished third with 64.

Dozens of readers shared their thoughts on who they wanted to be eliminated from the leadership race below the accompanying article.

Many readers were against Mr Sunak taking over from Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister. 

Username Greenrat said: “Sunak is not the people’s favourite. He has done too much damage already and will lose the Conservatives the next election.” 

Username MrTurpin said: “If Sunak is PM the Tories are toast in the next general election.”

Another reader, username Heidi 611 said: “Well if Rishi becomes PM, Tories won’t win the next election.” 

And username Grimreaper said: “Sunak has to go, and today, please.” 

Meanwhile, username  W E Fairbairn said: “I like Suella Braverman, but fear we’ll end up with Sunak who I am not so keen on.” 

Yet, some readers thought Ms Braverman was the right choice to go, with username Defence of the Realm writing: “I want Badenoch and Braverman and Truss to disappear today. But who knows what will happen.”

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Tory MPs will continue to vote for their preferred candidates in a series of successive votes with the candidate with the fewest votes eliminated each time.

The third round of voting is due to take place on Monday, July 18 and ballots will continue until two candidates remain, finalists are due to be announced by July 21. 

The pair of candidates will then take part in a summer of hustings and 160,000 Conservative Party members will take part in a postal vote to determine Mr Johnson’s successor. 

A new Prime Minister is expected to take office on September 5.

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