China ‘working’ with Russia amid Ukraine crisis to exploit West: ‘Multiple crises’

Biden pushing Russia 'into arms of China' with failure to rein in Putin

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Ukraine is stuck in limbo as it braces itself for potential invasion by Russia — something President Vladimir Putin has denied he plans on doing. However, he has amassed a heavy military presence along the countries’ shared border, a number thought to total over 100,000 troops. The US has since claimed that Moscow is planning to stage a fake Ukrainian attack that it would use to justify invasion, alleging that Putin is likely to release a graphic video showing the attack on Russian territory or against Russian-speaking people in eastern Ukraine.

Russia, however, denied it was planning to fabricate an attack, and the US did not provide evidence to support its claim.

In recent days, China threw its hat into the ring and called for calm on both sides and an end to a Cold War mentality, while also making it clear it supports Moscow’s concerns.

Last week, China’s foreign minister Wang Yi called Russia’s security concerns “legitimate”, saying they should be “taken seriously and addressed”.

Professor Julian Lindley-French, an internationally recognised strategic analyst and advisor in defence, who has worked with NATO, said while China may not get directly involved in any conflict, it will work with Russia in order to exploit the West — specifically the US — as much as possible.

Talking about a scenario in which Russia puts force on Ukraine so that more US troops are drawn into Europe — there are currently 30,000 US troops in Europe — he said the US would in this case be overstretched.

This would then allow China room to invade Taiwan, although the strategist was keen to note that he was not suggesting that is China’s goal, but that it is a scenario that could lead to such an event.

Speaking to, he said: “China will exploit this, and will work with Russia to make life as difficult for the Americans as possible.

“So don’t expect in future major conflict, in future war in the long-run, that China and Russia will allow just a one-axis, single crisis for the West to deal with.

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“They will offer multiple crises in which the Americans are stretched the world over.

“In our forthcoming strategic shadow concept for NATO, we make the essential point that unless Europeans can do far more for their own defence at the very high-end of conflict in an emergency, the Americans, with the best will in the world, in ten years will simply be unable to defend Europeans without Europeans doing far more.

“Even today it’s a stretch for the Americans, and the Chinese and the Russians have understood this and have discussed this, and they’re working out how best to exploit this weakness for their objectives.”

President Xi Jinping has made clear in no uncertain terms that his main goal is to reunify mainland China with Taiwan.


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While he has faced widespread opposition to such plans, the global community, Prof Lindley-French said, has largely turned a blind eye to China’s growing weaponisation of the area between the mainland and Taiwan, officially the Republic of China.

Meanwhile, speaking about the alleged disinformation campaign Russia is preparing, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters on Thursday: “We do have information that the Russians are likely to want to fabricate a pretext for an invasion.

“As part of this fake attack, we believe that Russia would produce a very graphic propaganda video, which would include corpses and actors that would be depicting mourners and images of destroyed locations.”

But, a senior US official said the video was just one of several ideas Russia has to provide a pretext to invade its neighbour.

They added the alleged plan was being revealed in an effort to dissuade Russia from invading.

Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesman, responding to the reports later on said: “This is not the first promise of its kind [to release details about Russian provocation].

“Something similar was also said before, but nothing came of it.”

Reports of the alleged plot came a day after the US announced it was sending more troops to eastern Europe to support its allies and bolster NATO’s defensive alliance.

Russia, however, described the move as “destructive”, and said it showed that its concerns about NATO’s expansion eastwards were justified.

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