EU warned: ‘More referendums to come’ Swedish MEP in stern threat to von der Leyen

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Swedish MEP Peter Lundgren warned Sweden and other EU member states could soon join Britain outside of the Brussels bloc as he lashed out at European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen at the State of the Union address. Speaking in the European Parliament, Mr Lundgren warned Swedish citizens wonder why they must continue to pay huge sums of money to the Brussels bloc whilst receiving no benefits in return. 

He blasted: “I wonder as a Swedish citizen standing here today, why should we join in and pay for all of this?

“Why should Sweden borrow money and lend money to other EU countries without getting anything in return?

“It’s a version of the truth, because we certainly get the debts that we will have to pass to our children and our grandchildren for many years.

“We had big problems in Sweden with bomb attacks and shootings as in other countries.

“For Germany, for example, we all remember Chancellor Merkel’s speech.

“We can’t cope. You have just as many problems as Sweden does and the longer you insist with this United States of Europe there will be more and more referendums going against being members of this club.”

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