Hunt and Raab risk losing seats if they break pension promise

Pensions: Government has 'difficult decisions' to make says expert

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Jeremy Hunt currently has 21,087 state pensioners in his South West Surrey seat and an 8,817 majority. Meanwhile, Mr Raab has 19,122 state pensioners but a majority of just 2,743 in Esher and Walton, according to Labour Party research.

The new Labour analysis comes at a time when the Government is set to make a decision on whether to increase payments for benefit claimants and pensions to keep up with inflation.

They found that 286 out of 356 Conservative MPs, including 21 Cabinet members, have more state pensioners as constituents than their seat majority in the 2019 general election.

It includes 52 Conservative politicians who won seats from Labour MPs.

Scottish Secretary Alister Jack was discovered to be at the most risk of losing his seat, as he has 23,392 state pensioner constituents and a 1,805 majority.

Both Mr Raab and Mr Hunt closely followed as the Tory MPs most at risk.

It comes at a time when the Prime Minister has refused to pledge that pensions will rise by the triple lock in 2023 in the new Autumn Statement.

The mini-budget is expected to see a cut in spending as the Government searches to find £50million to fill a “black hole” in public finances.

Mr Sunak is expected to cut spending by £35billion and raise £25billion in taxes.

State pensions are supposed to increase each year in line with inflation.

The policy was first introduced by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat collation Government in 2010. 

In 2019, the Conservative Party said in their manifesto they would keep the triple lock in place while they are in power.

Concerns have grown as there have been reports that pensions will rise by 5.5 percent instead of keeping up with inflation at 10.1 percent.

It would deprive those in the state pension of £443 a year during the cost of living crisis, when energy bills and food prices have increased.

Jon Ashworth, Labour’s Shadow Work & Pensions Secretary, said: “The Tories have crashed the economy and are threatening to make pensioners pay the price.”

On Tuesday, Labour will ramp up pressure on Conservatives to keep their commitment to pensions by holding a Commons vote on Tuesday evening.


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Mr Ashworth added: “Today’s vote is a key test for Tory MPs: Will they keep their election promise or once again betray the pensioners they’re supposed to represent?

“Older people have already endured the largest ever real-terms cut to their State Pension and now face being another £440 worse off under the Tories.

“Labour will block any attempt by the Tories to break the Triple Lock for next year.”

Former Pensions Minister Baroness Ros Altmann has warned that scrapping the triple lock would be “utter political madness” for the Conservative Party.

The Baroness said it would be a “real betrayal” to “millions of decent pensioners who are already struggling to make ends meet”.

She added: “What values do our political leaders want to live by? Honesty, integrity, caring for and respecting older people? Or betrayal and neglect, broken promises and lack of care?”

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