Insulate Britain labelled terrorists as even XR activists left furious at eco-mob

Furious mum threatens to ‘drive through’ Insulate Britain protesters

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Supporters of XR are terrified support for tackling climate change risks being undermined due to the antics of the eco-zealots. Polling indicates the vast majority of the public disapproved of Insulate Britain’s actions.

One Extinction Rebellion backer even described the methods being deployed as akin to “terrorist and revenge ideology”.

Insulate Britain have caused havoc on Britain’s roads since August, with activists supergluing themselves to busy motorways to bring traffic to a standstill.

The group has continued to take action despite National Highways being granted a court injunction banning the protests.

So far the group has caused mass tailbacks on 13 occasions, most recently causing motorway mayhem this morning when about 40 people blacked the M25 at Junction 31.

The continued use of road-blocking tactics has sparked concern from Extinction Rebellion supporters who fear their cause is being undermined by Insulate Britain.

In leaked messages shared with from a WhatsApp group of XR activists, one panicked person said: “They’re f***ing it for all of us.”

Another added: “Many of the people on the road (in cars) care about climate change, but they also need to feed their families and save for retirement etc.

“They are not pensioners or middle-class people able to devote time to the cause even if to keeps them up at night.

“It feels very privileged to say people don’t care about climate just because they need to get to work, run errands, etc.”

Meanwhile, in another message a supporter warned the “rudderless” protests appeared to be “largely ineffective and alienating to white working-class communities”.

They added the methods were “somewhat outdated”.

Others were concerned about the impact the Insulate Britain protests were having on emergency services after demonstrations blocked ambulances attempting to rush patients to hospital.

One XR activist raged: “It’s not hard to move for an ambulance.

“It’s not like they’re in some huge moral dilemma over it.

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“It’s just selfishness and should be flat out called out rather than pandering around their ignorance and stupidity.”

Another said: “This is terrorist and revenge ideology, ‘willing to put the potential mortality of a small number of people against the very real and actual deaths that have occurred and continue to occur’.

Extinction Rebellion is now considering whether to publicly distance itself from their more extreme counterparts and whether to remove support that it has previously offered to those jailed for their role in the protests.

Insulate Britain was formed as an offshoot of XR and was set up by one of Extinction Rebellion’s co-founders, Roger Hallam.

He has made no apology for the chaos caused by his group’s actions and last week said he would be happy to continue blocking an ambulance even if “there was someone in there that could potentially die”.

The 55-year-old has been accused of being a hypocrite after owning a 2,000 sq ft detached farmhouse in Wales which is itself poorly insulated.

It has an energy rating of G – the worst possible.

Insulate Britain says it wants the Government to provide funding to improve the energy efficiency of all homes by 2030.

A YouGov poll of 2,475 UK adults conducted on October 5 found 72 percent “oppose or strongly oppose” the group.

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