Liz Truss on brink as PM warned to secure survival in the next 48hrs

Liz Truss aware that next 48 hours are ‘critical’ says Dan Falvey

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Mr Falvey said Number 10 sources were claiming that Liz Truss was well aware that her leadership is now on the brink. The deputy political editor claimed that new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s U-turn on her previous announcement of tax cuts was going to be very difficult for Mr Truss politically. Mr Falvey insisted Ms Truss understood how precarious her current position in power is and that she does not want to return to austerity.

Mr Falvey told GB News: “Normally when you come in as a Conservative leader there is a years grace period before any sort of challenges to leadership can be made.

“We’re now talking… Talked about can I change the rules to get rid of her sooner, and get rid of her in the next days or weeks.

“And don’t get us wrong, Truss understands how precarious her position is.

“Sources in Number 10 were saying to me yesterday that she appreciated the next 24 to 48 hours are critical.

Mr Falvey added: “She is well aware that her leadership and her premiership is on the brink. And she is fighting for survival right now.”

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Presenter Paul Hawkins said: “And so you’ve got a kind of… The credibility of Liz Truss and then you’ve got the moment the Governments plan to introduce these spending cuts at some point.

“And we don’t really have much detail about where the axe is going to fall, and there are going to be some really difficult political choices for Jeremy Hunt and the Conservative Party.

“Conservative MPs will have to vote it through the Commons, difficult choices for them to make.”

Mr Falvey added: “Yeah, absolutely and Liz Truss in the leadership contest in the summer said that she didn’t want to return to austerity, and that’s exactly what we’re now going to get.

“It’s a massive U-turn for her so it’s going to be very difficult for her politically, it’s going to be very difficult for MPs to have to turn around to the voters and their constituents and explain why they are doing this.”

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Since the announcement of the mini-budget last month with former Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng, Ms Truss has faced some backlash due to the effect it had on the British economy.

The pair announced a list of tax cuts for the most wealthy, which have now since been U-turned by new Chancellor Jeremy Hunt.

Some Labour MPs have been demanding that a snap election take place in order to put someone else in charge of the country.

The leader of the Liberal Democrat Sir Ed Davey has also been pushing for a change of Prime Minister.

Sir Ed said: “This mustn’t just be the end of Kwarteng’s disastrous chancellorship, it should be the death knell of the Conservatives’ reckless mismanagement of our economy. It didn’t suddenly start with Kwarteng but it must end now.

“People are angry, fed up and worried about the future. Most of all they are furious that Conservative MPs seem to think this is an acceptable way to conduct the government of our country in these difficult times.

“Enough is enough. It started with Boris Johnson failing our country, and now Liz Truss has broken our economy, it is time for the people to have their say in a general election.”

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