Nearly 50% of people think Sunak will NOT survive the year

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's five key promises

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Nearly 50 percent of people think that Rishi Sunak will not survive the year, an exclusive poll commissioned by revealed. The poll, conducted by Techne UK, asked people: “How confident are you that Rishi Sunak will still be prime minister by the end of 2023?” In response, 48 percent of people said no. Of those, 13 percent said “surely no” and 35 percent said “probably no”.

Some 33 percent of respondents answered yes. Of those, just 10 percent of respondents said “surely yes”, while 23 percent said, “probably yes”.

A total of 19 percent of people said they don’t know whether he will still be Prime Minister at the end of the year.

Conservative party voters were more confident in Mr Sunak than Labour voters, with 25 percent of those who voted for the party in 2019 saying Mr Sunak will “surely” survive as PM into 2024.

Meanwhile, just three percent of those who voted for the Labour party in 2019 said the same.

There was a similar divide among Remain and Leave voters, with 18 percent of Leave voters thinking Mr Sunak will “surely” survive the year and just 6 percent of Remain voters saying the same thing.

The question marks over Mr Sunak’s premiership come in the wake of his predecessor Liz Truss’ extremely short term in office, which came to an end after her disastrous mini budget led to her resignation.

Both Boris Johnson and Ms Truss resigned after immense public pressure and internal pressure from Tory MPs.

While Mr Sunak appears to have restored stability to the party, many Tory MPs are currently unhappy about the swathe of tax rises he introduced in his Autumn Statement, taking taxes to their highest level since World War 2.

Many MPs are looking to see how the party performs at May’s local elections, with some holding the view that this will be a pivotal moment for Mr Sunak’s premiership.

If the party faces a wipeout at the polls, letters are likely to start going in from Tory MPs to Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of the Conservative Party’s 1922 committee of backbench MPs calling for a vote of confidence in the PM.

Many MPs are also concerned about the Government’s failure to tackle the migrant crisis.

While Mr Sunak pledged to “stop the boats” in his first domestic speech of 2023 this week, some MPs think Mr Sunak needs to action a solution to the problem in the coming months in order to hang on as PM.

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Speaking earlier this week, Mr Sunak pledged to address the “peoples’ priorities”, saying he would do so with “no tricks” or “ambiguity”.

Promising to “rebuild trust in politics through action”, the Prime Minister made “five promises” to “deliver peace of mind” and “build a better future for our children and grandchildren”.

Mr Sunak pledged to halve inflation, grow the economy, make sure the national debt is falling, reduce NHS waiting lists and pass new laws to stop small boats.

He asked to be “judged” on his ability to deliver on those promises.

The poll, conducted by Techne UK, spoke to 1,625 adults on January 4 and 5. 

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