Over 70s to be told to self-isolate for months even if they don’t have Covid-19

People in Britain aged over 70 will be instructed soon by the government to stay in strict isolation for four months as part of a planned response to coronavirus, broadcaster ITV's political editor said.

Robert Peston said the government was likely to enforce a "wartime-style" mobilisation effort in the next five to 20 days.

Other measures being planned included the forced requisitioning of hotels and other buildings as temporary hospitals and the requisitioning of private hospitals, he said.

A senior government source told ITV News, the belief that the government are reluctant to make difficult and costly decisions to battle the virus is untrue.

The source said chief medical officer Chris Whitty and the chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance are waiting for the best time to roll out measures that will be obstruct people's lives.

They added: "Everything is aimed at making sure the NHS is not overwhelmed, to save lives and to prevent hideous choices having to be made."

The source said the government are concerned that some older people could die at home from neglect, after they are quarantined, so want to start the self-isolation as late as possible.

It's expected to be within the next five to 20 days.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and health secretary Matt Hancock are relying on neighbours and friends to rally round to make sure no one is neglected

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