Peston challenges Truss in awkward budget probe

Liz Truss announces Jeremy Hunt as the new chancellor

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Robert Peston confronted the Prime Minister with the brutal assessment of former Chancellor Philip Hammond over her economic strategy so far into her leadership. Liz Truss sacked Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng on Friday after over three weeks of severe backlash over their proposed mini-budget. Mr Peston asked the PM: “The former Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond has just said you totally trashed the Tory party election-winning reputation for economic competence.

“Will you apologise to your party?”

Ms Truss hit back: “I’m determined to deliver on what I set out when I campaigned to be party leader.

“We need to have a high-growth economy but we need to recognise that we are facing very difficult issues as a country.

“It was right, in the national interest, that I made the decisions that I made today to restore that economic stability so we can deliver helping people through is winter and next winter with their energy bills but also making sure that our country is on the long-term footing for sustainable ecumenic growth.”


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