Sir Keir Starmer’s first policy pledge unveiled – will keep Corbynites happy

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Following Labour’s worst election result since 1935, Jeremy Corbyn stepped down as the opposition leader and Sir Keir Starmer took over. Mr Starmer gave his first Labour conference speech where he savaged Corbynites for blaming voters instead of themselves for failing to top the polls.

MPs loyal to the former leader have warned Sir Keir not to abandon any of Mr Corbyn’s “overwhelmingly popular” Left-wing agenda.

Former Shadow Cabinet Office Minister Jon Trickett said: “It would be folly to ditch all the policy platform built up over the last five years.

“Build on it, yes! But don’t jettison the core principles.

“The last thing we need in the age of COVID when even the Tories see the sense of massive state intervention is for Labour to lurch to the Right.”

Despite attacking his own party during his speech, Sir Keir will reportedly keep Corbynites happy by promising to increase income tax for the top five percent of earners.

According to Sienna Rodgers, the Labour List editor, the pledge came about due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In her tweets, Ms Rodgers quoted Lisa Nandy, MP for Wigan, saying: “I expect so, based on what you just said [about frontbench opposing any tax rises].

“In the middle of a global pandemic… the idea of raising taxes and squeezing people who are in work and trying to make ends meet is just completely the wrong priority for the country.”

While addressing the Labour Party in Doncaster, where they lost a safe seat in the 2019 election, Mr Starmer told the party it must be “brutally honest” about its failures.

Mr Starmer said: “When you lose an election in a democracy, you deserve to.

“You don’t look at the electorate and ask them: ‘What were you thinking?’ You look at yourself and ask: ‘What were we doing?’

“The Labour Party has lost four general elections in a row. We’ve granted the Tories a decade of power.

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“The Tories have had as many election winners in five years as we’ve had in 75.

“It’s a betrayal of what we believe in to let this go on. It’s time to get serious about winning.”

However, following his speech, people took to social media to attack to the new Labour leader.

One person tweeted: “A very different kind of leader…

“He’s a nasally droning, Blairite bore that I won’t vote for.”

Another person said: “Keir Starmer spent more time attacking Jeremy Corbyn than attacking Boris Johnson.

“We need a new leadership challenge.”

Someone else said: “Keir Starmer needs to learn that Brexit takes priority over party in the eyes of the working class.

“So while he thinks he is opposing the Tories on Brexit. In the eyes of the working class, he opposes them.

“Until he grasps this. Labour won’t make inroads in the Blue/Red Wall.”

Although claiming the Labour Party has made a clean-break from its predecessor, a recent survey found the appeal of the opposition has dropped by 11 points compared to when Mr Corbyn was leader.

A new Ipsos MORI poll has found in November 2019, under the leadership of Mr Corbyn, the likeability of the Labour was 49 percent.

However, just 10 months later – and five months since Mr Starmer took over – the figure has dropped to 38 percent.

The poll does suggest the decline in the likability of the party as a whole could be attributed to the increase in support for the actual leader.

While surveying more than 1,000 UK adults, around 51 percent said they like the new Labour leader compared to Mr Corbyn’s score of 23 percent in November 2019.

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