SNP shamed: GB News host savages Sturgeon’s ‘patronising test’ for white privilege

Sturgeon slammed by host for 'patronising' education agenda

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GB News host Mercy Muroki has savaged the Scottish government for urging teachers to take a ‘white privilege test’. She questioned why Ms Sturgeon was focusing on “patronising teachers overcome by white guilt” instead of the country’s skyrocketing rate of drug deaths. The Scottish First Minister’s Government unveiled a series of “anti-racist” instructions for primary and secondary teachers on Thursday.

Ms Muroki said that the Scottish Government had more pressing issues to focus on.

She told GB News viewers: “Why are the Scottish government so intent on indoctrinating children? Don’t they have better things to do?

“Like deal with the highest drug death rate in Europe? Or the fact that a third of Scottish primary schools saw results drop this year?

“Children need to learn and write and think critically.”

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She continued: “I’m a parent, my daughter is black and I haven’t taught her about race or racism.

“The last thing I need is patronising teachers overcome by white guilt apologising to my child for their ‘whiteness’ and making her feel like a victim.

“The Scottish Government needs to leave children alone. Let children be children.”

The SNP has stated that the news instructions were designed to “embed race equality” in classrooms and “decolonise” the school curriculum.

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Shirley-Anne Somerville, the SNP Education Secretary, said the documents were part of efforts to “eradicate racism in wider society”.

As part of the measures, Scottish teachers have been urged to teach their pupils that the concept of race was deliberately invented by Europeans to justify “crimes against humanity”.

It pits Scottish classrooms against English ones after Kemi Badenoch, the UK Government Equalities Minister, said that concepts such as ‘white privilege’ would be illegal to present as “uncontested fact” in English classrooms.


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Lindsay Paterson, professor of education policy at the University of Edinburgh, called the documents “astonishingly one-sided”.

The academic claimed they risked seeing children presented with an overly simplistic account of racism and its history.

He said: “Children ought to be able to understand a variety of points of view on racism.

“For example, they ought to learn both Scotland’s large role in slavery and the slave trade, and also Scotland’s contribution to bringing these to an end.”

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