Sturgeon betrayed as Salmond pulls rug from under SNP over IndyRef2

Alex Salmond issues warning to SNP MPs

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Alex Salmond turned against Nicola Sturgeon’s party and strategy for Scottish independence in a dramatic move, calling on Scots to replace SNP MPs with Alba MPs. The former SNP leader insisted he presided over the first referendum in 2014 when his then deputy Nicola Sturgeon led the Yes campaign, which ultimately failed. He suggested he and his pro-independence party Alba could find a way to hold a new vote. 

Speaking at the Alba party conference in Stirling, Alex Salmond said: “And for those who say ‘what do we do if SNP MPs won’t uphold the sovereignty of the people?’

“The answer is quite simple: we remove them with Alba MPs or those from another party who will do.”

The audience erupted into thundering applause, as the Alba leader made a case to get SNP MPs out of power to achieve Scottish independence.

He said: “So I’m asking you conference, as a young man in Parliament who stood up abated loss to Thatcher in 1988, as a First Minister who required one mandate to secure the right of people to vote in a referendum, to start our conference by legislating a strategy which upholds the fundamental right of Scotland and our sovereignty.”

“There has been no real pressure to force the Tories to agree a ­referendum. In 2011 as first minister at the Scottish elections I won one single mandate for a referendum.

“The referendum duly ­followed in 2014. I faced down David ­Cameron as prime minister to respect Scotland’s rights. I didn’t agree with him but he was a political giant in comparison with Liz Truss. In contrast, Nicola ­Sturgeon has had four election mandates for IndyRef2.”

“She [Nicola Sturgeon] now faces a bunch of complete muppets at ­Westminster who have U-turned on their ­disastrous ­economic policies in a matter of weeks. It is ­ridiculous to claim that through parliamentary and public ­pressure Liz Truss could not be forced to U-turn on ­Scotland just as she has backed down on everything else.

“Britain is bust and going down like the Titanic. This is the time for Scotland to launch the independence lifeboat.”

Mr Salmond doubted whether the vote will be held on October 19 next year, saying: “I am always suspicious of people who promise ­something with ‘no ifs, no buts’. It usually means that they are hiding some deeper uncertainty.

“However, when the SNP committed to a new ­independence referendum in 2023 in these terms of ‘no ifs, no buts’ I welcomed it – as did many thousands of others who had been patiently ­awaiting some action on indy since Scotland was hauled out of Europe against our will.”

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Alex Salmond has raised doubts about the SNP’s tactics, claiming they are asking the wrong question before the wrong court. Nicola Sturgeon is trying to force through a second independence vote through the Supreme Court, which she hopes will allow a consultative vote in Scotland.

Instead of asking the Supreme Court for a ruling, Mr Salmond has championed a strategy of holding a consultative referendum and hoping for a pro-independence vote to prove Westminster the SNP has a mandate. 

He said: “Why on earth would you want this matter settled for all time unless it was going to be settled by the Scottish people, not the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.”

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