‘Take action!’ Brexiteer orders Boris to start taking back control from EU

Boris Johnson need to 'take back control' from EU says Brexiteer

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Former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib sat down with journalist Alexandra Phillips to discuss the Brexit Northern Ireland deal.

Mr Habib encouraged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take back control from the European Union.

The former Brexit Party MEP went on to claim that Mr Johnson had not taken back control from Brussels yet, either.

Mr Habib also slammed the EU claiming it was a ‘bully’ and we needed to ‘stand up to them.’

Mr Habib told GB News: “Well, the Prime Minister needs to do what Suella Braverman indicated he might last week.

“And actually confirmed he had the right to do, which is to take unilateral action and suspend part or all of the protocol or ditch it.

“You know he’s got to start acting as if he has taken back control from Brussels.

“And exercise that control in the interests of British people.”

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Ms Philips added: “For instance, we’re dealing with a situation where there is no power-sharing executive in Northern Ireland following the elections.

“Because the DUP refused to take seats until the protocol is scrapped, but is in vain warning that this is going to lead to uncertainty and tension?

“[The] EU meanwhile are saying, do that and there will be a trade war, it’s breaking an international agreement.”

Mr Habib said: “Well it isn’t breaking an international agreement, there are international provisions which prevent countries from entering into treaties where they know by doing so they actually offend the other country’s constitutional laws.”

NI protocol could spark Brexit ‘trade war’ as EU retaliate

Mr Habib added: “The EU is a bully and we need to stand up to them.”

Ms Habib he said: “We’ve got to go back to basics, at a very basic level the trade relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom is one that hugely favours the EU, not Great Britain, not the United Kingdom.

“We run a deficit of about 100billion Euros a year, so if they really wanted a trade war it will be on their heads.

“it will be the German people who suffer, as long as we prepare properly for a trade war.”

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Due to the concerns over the possible scrapping of the Northern Ireland protocol, a spokesperson for the Foreign Secretary said: “The Foreign Secretary outlined why EU proposals would take us backwards, by creating more checks and paperwork.

“Vice President Šefčovič confirmed that there was no room to expand the EU negotiating mandate or introduce new proposals to reduce the overall level of trade friction.

“The Foreign Secretary noted this with regret and said the situation in Northern Ireland is a matter of internal peace and security for the United Kingdom, and if the EU would not show the requisite flexibility to help solve those issues, then as a responsible government we would have no choice but to act.”

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