US gun row erupts: British reporter told to go back to your country by angry Republican

US Congresswoman hits back at UK reporter over gun laws

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Defiant Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene told Channel 4’s Siobhan Kennedy to “go back to your country” after the Washington Correspondent called into question America’s gun laws and the politician’s opposition to reforms.

The vocal Republican said at a press conference on Wednesday: “It’s our job to defend the Second Amendment.”

Ms Kennedy, a veteran who has been with the British broadcaster since 2008, said in response: “We don’t have guns in the UK, that is true, but we don’t have mass shootings either.

“And our children aren’t scared to go to school.”

Ms Greene replied: “You have mass stabbings, lady.

“You have all kinds of murder and you’ve got laws against that.”

The British journalist hit back: “Not like the rates here.”

The far-right representative waved off the statement, saying: “Well, you can go back to your country and worry about your no guns.”

Ms Greene later posted a video of the exchange on Twitter and wrote: “When British press wants to argue about our God-given American gun rights, my answer is: ‘go back to your own country’.”

Meanwhile, Ms Kennedy said on social media: “[Marjorie Taylor Greene] isn’t happy with me for pointing out that the proposed gun legislation is not about taking her guns away nor is knife crime in the UK in any way comparable with gun crime here.

“There are no ‘mass stabbings’ in the UK. Yet here kids are frightened to go to school?”

The press conference followed the agreement of a bipartisan gun control bill in the Senate aimed at toughening up background checks for younger gun purchasers on Tuesday.

The new legislation would also ramp up penalties for gun traffickers and stop romantic partners convicted of domestic abuse who are not married to their victims from getting firearms, meaning the so-called “boyfriend loophole” would finally be closed.

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The Senate could vote as soon as later this week on the bill’s final passage.

US gun control has been in the spotlight for decades.

Since the killing of 19 young children and two adults by an 18-year-old man in a shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, south Texas, on May 24, there has been a public outcry for new gun legislation.

The horror killing brought back memories of the shooting of 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, in December 2012.

In the aftermath of the Texas massacre, Ms Greene suggested creating a volunteer militia of parents and guardians to protect schools.

Earlier this month, in response to Canada’s proposed gun legislation, she argued that without guns in the hands of its people, Canada would be unable to stop Russian invaders.

During Wednesday’s press conference, Ms Greene confidently told Ms Kennedy: “We like our [guns] here.”

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