What a Guy! Smug Verhofstadt gloats over BBC Proms being ‘hijacked’ with EU flags

Last Night of the Proms: EU flags seen in the crowd

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The veteran Europhile spoke after images of thousands of EU flags being waved at the concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London caused outrage among many Brexiteers. It later emerged that anti-Brexit campaigners had targeted the event on Saturday and handed out thousands of blue and gold flags to revellers.

Many Brexiteers reacted with fury at the alleged attempt to politicise a supposedly neutral event.

Others pointed to the irony of waving EU flags while also singing patriotic British song “Land of Hope and Glory”.

Mr Verhofstadt – a former Belgium prime minister – made no mention of this when he posted about the BBC event.

Commenting on a video of the concert, he tweeted: “Lovely indeed to see so many European flags during the night of the Proms…”

The original video was shared by fellow Europhile Dr Mike Galsworthy – the founder of Remaining group Scientists4EU.

Alongside the video, he wrote: “Given that Brexit has so thoroughly screwed the music industry…

“…it’s lovely to see this new tradition of European & UK flags together at the Proms really take hold.”

The fact that the UK democratically voted to leave the EU in 2016 was never mentioned by either of the pair.

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But it was well-remembered by many Brits – who quickly slammed the pair.

One wrote: “Most of us voted for Brexit mate and also voted for the current government because they were the only ones that were going to fulfil what we asked for.”

Another said: “We’ve left mate…get over it.”

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “We’ve left but you still can’t forget about us can you Guy.”

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A fourth tweeted: “The Remoaners have hijacked a British institution with all the EU flags at The Last Night Of the Proms.”

Another said: “European flags at The Proms, are you serious, shameful at this politically heated time. Speechless.”

Since the concert took place, Europhile group, the EU Flag Mafia, has claimed responsibility for the stunt.

It said it was done in part to support “Gigging British Musicians in trouble due to a failed Brexit”.

Another account, EU Flags Team, also claimed to have been involved.

In its Twitter’s bio it calls itself the team that has “bought you EU Flags at the proms every year since the frauderendum”.

As well as flags, some artists demonstrated outside the theatre before the event, claiming Brexit had made it harder for them to tour the EU.

Several performers have said that increased red tape and visa requirements introduced since the Brexit transition period ended in January have badly affected their industry.

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