CHSAA’s football decision, MPJ’s offensive outburst, Altitude in the dark

We’re two weeks into a bizarre 60-game Major League Baseball season and the Colorado Rockies have yet to lose a series.

Trevor Story is blasting bombs, Matt Kemp is channeling his Coors Field magic, and the pitching staff is doing its best 1990s Atlanta Braves impersonation. The Grading the Week staff will speak for everyone when we say, “We needed this.”

As just about everything below this illustrates, smiles and lollipops aren’t exactly in great supply these days.


It took awhile — less than a week before the scheduled start of football season, to be exact — but the Colorado High School Activities Association finally released its return-to-play plan this week.

First, the disappointment: There will be no Friday night lights this fall in Colorado.

Then, the reality: CHSAA was in an almost impossible position of trying to conduct seasons for all of its sports within the framework of state guidelines while also accounting for a virus that doesn’t care about its plans.

Chris Selle, superintendent of Meeker school, brought up “personal choice” in voicing his concerns about moving football to the spring in rural Colorado communities. Under normal circumstances, it’s a fair point to make. Except that amid this pandemic, our personal choices are rarely entirely personal and often have the potential to directly affect public health.

Will spring high school football be weird? You bet. Is it awful thousands of seniors will be denied the pomp and pageantry of a traditional season? Without question.

Is it better than no high school football at all? No doubt.

All we can do now is hope that it actually happens.

Big Sky Conference — A

The charade is over. The dream is dead.

It’s time to accept the cold, hard truth: College football is doomed this fall.

At least in the Big Sky Conference, which announced Friday it was moving its season to spring.

We’ve got a coronavirus outbreak at Colorado State. We’ve got a handful of other teams that went into quarantine this summer.

Now we’ve got the kids returning to campus — and they’re pretty good at spreading disease even under the best of circumstances. Do we really think they’ll behave themselves just because there’s a global pandemic?

If they’re anything like the 19-year-old version of yours truly, that answer is an emphatic “no.”

Comcast and Altitude Sports — F

The Avalanche are a win away from clinching the Western Conference’s No. 1 seed in the NHL playoffs, while the short-handed Nuggets are mounting a spirited run inside the Orlando “bubble.”

And Comcast and Dish Network subscribers have only been able to catch bits and pieces (legally).

That we’re still in this spot nearly a year since Altitude Sports originally went off the air on the “Big Three” cable providers — DirecTV has since reached an agreement — can only be seen as a failure.

Michael Porter Jr. — A-

Say what you will about MPJ’s off-the-wall coronavirus views. We did last week (Refresher: They weren’t good).

But if the 6-foot-10 forward can give the Nuggets 30 and 10 whenever he’s in the starting lineup, the rookie can spread whatever crazy conspiracy theories he wants.

Let’s just make sure everybody’s microphones are turned off first.

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