‘Always miss British food and banter’ British expat in the USA explains the differences

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Vinny, 27, moved to Arizona when he was 24 after meeting his future wife. He now lives in the state’s capital city, Phoenix.

Originally from Essex, Vinny decided to move to the USA to be with his wife as his job was more transferable than hers.

He told Express.co.uk: “My wife was still studying her undergraduate degree, and I had just completed my post graduate certificate in education, which was internationally recognised.

“Due to this, we felt that my career was more transferable than hers.

“I had worked several jobs in the US on summer camps and on a cruise ship, so I felt more comfortable making the move.

“My wife was studying in Tucson, Arizona, so we knew we were staying there until she graduated. Following her graduation, we moved to Phoenix, Arizona.”

Vinny said he has had more professional freedom in the States than he had in the UK at home.

He told Express.co.uk: “I don’t miss the restrictive nature of the professional environment. I’m a teacher, but I’m also a social media content creator.

“Here in the States, my school was fully supportive of my public online profiles. Whereas in the UK I almost got kicked off of my course due to a mentor not agreeing with teachers having a platform.

“Moving has also inspired me to create online content which I feel is heavily influenced by the differences from growing up in England and now living abroad.”

He added: “I enjoy that there is more sunlight and more variety of food, entertainment and scenery here.”

However, there are a few things that Vinny thinks are “unbeatable” about the UK and feels nostalgic about.

He said: “I will always miss British food. It is unbeatable to me. Additionally, I miss the healthcare and education systems of the UK.

“There are definitely aspects of life in England that I took for granted and I’m often nostalgic about it.”

Vinny told Express.co.uk that he sometimes watches British TV clips to catch some UK banter.

He said: “I miss the culture of the UK tremendously. I miss British food, entertainment and banter.

“I often find myself watching clips of morning shows like ‘This Morning’ just to feel connected to it. I also miss my family and friends.”

The pandemic has meant that Vinny has been separated from friends and family for far longer than he’d have liked.
He said: “My initial plan was to always visit at least once a year, if not every other year. I’ve had several plans to return to the UK over the past three years, but Covid happened.

“There have been numerous periods of time where I wanted to travel home, but it’s always been a risk with lockdowns and new variants constantly halting any plans.

“I am currently booked to return to the UK in December and every day there are new updates with the regulations which have been increasingly difficult to handle.”

Vinny told Express.co.uk: “With the pandemic and not being able to visit, I’ve had a lot of discussions with my wife about potentially relocating home.

“Now that I have a trip scheduled I feel less drawn to returning permanently. I feel like it is easier to save in America and be able to visit the UK more frequently.

“If I returned to the UK, it would push me back and I would most likely not be able to buy a property and would not have as much opportunity to travel to the US to see my wife’s family.”

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