Cruise guests urge people to pack ‘useful’ everyday item – it could save money

Some of the best cruise holiday deals can range anywhere from a few days right through to a few months, packing can be a daunting challenge, and even as you’re checking off your list there could be a few things you’ve forgotten – or haven’t even thought about at all.

There’s one everyday item that some cruise guests have listed among their must-pack items, and gone so far as to say was “the most used” item they took with them on their holiday. Plus, it can even save you some money along the way when travelling with certain cruise companies.

The answer: A reusable water bottle. Though it might sound simple, some cruise companies do charge guests for bottles of water, and you might find yourself trotting back and forth to the bar for glass after glass of water, especially if you’re someone who loves to hydrate.

And paying for bottles of water can soon add up, especially if you haven’t purchased a drinks package.

Sharing to a Reddit forum dedicated to Carnival Cruise questions, user @justasmalltowndad said: “I didn’t know I needed this info, but now I’m glad I know you can bring water bottles on board! I drink a lot of water and on my last cruise, I ended up paying a lot for water bottles.”

Meanwhile, another anonymous Reddit user said: “It was the most used thing I brought…I brought one with a strap.”

Most cruise companies do not allow passengers to bring their own beverages onboard, including bottles of water. However, you are permitted to pack an empty, reusable water bottle in your checked luggage. You may be required to open it to show that it is empty, but as long as this is possible, there should be no problems.

Not only can these water bottles be used for water, but other former cruise guests shared how they used thermal reusable bottles to fill with ice and sometimes even cocktails and alcoholic beverages from the cruise ship bar.

Reddit user @Pappypop explained: “Yes. My wife and I brought ours. We filled it with water on port days. We put mixed drinks in them on ship days. Kept them colder longer. My wife filled hers with wine.”

Best re-usable bottles for cruises

This one-litre refillable water bottle comes with inspirational markers to show you just how much water you should be drinking throughout the day. It also comes with a handy strap for easy transport.

This collapsible water bottle comes with a unique leak-proof valve, squeeze to drink design with thick and flexible silicone body. The container can keep both hot and cold liquids maintain their temperature. 

This handy Stojo’s collapsible water bottle can be folded down to 8.3cm x 8.9cm small for easy storage. Each light bottle is 18.1cm tall when expanded and can hold 592ml of liquid. 

This 500ml stainless steel water bottle can help liquids maintain their temperature and comes with a screw cap to ensure no leakage. Chilly’s bottles come in a variety of colours.

This 30oz Stanley cup is a great option for your next cruise holiday, as it can keep your liquids nice and cool and even comes with a reusable straw. 


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