Flight attendant explains how passengers can snag free drinks on plane

When going on holidays lots of Brits enjoy a tipple on the plane as a way to get the trip started – and to help you chill out for the journey.

And, many airlines happily hand out a free glass of wine or a beer just after take off.

However, that’s not always enough to keep everyone happy.

Luckily, a flight attendant has explained that you can nab extra drinks depending on how full the flight is.

And, the cabin crew member claims that your chance of success is all down to your manners.

Posting on Reddit, she explained the rules flight attendants have to follow when it comes to handing out free drinks on flights.

She noted: “Flight attendants are typically allowed to give liquor to passengers whenever they want.

"You're way more likely to get free drinks if the flight isn't full, so always be polite and friendly to the staff.

"If your flight is full, it's very hard to comp one person without everyone wanting free stuff."

And, another plane crew member – who works for JetBlue – explained that dressing smartly is the best way to receive extra perks.

They told the Points Guy: "Presentation matters. Now I’m not saying you’ll get into Mint or a premium cabin on another airline simply for how you’re dressed.

“That’s a myth.

"However, you can control how you’re perceived and how you present yourself.

“Well-mannered passengers improve their odds at having the beverage cart stop a few extra times by their seat when thirsty."

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