Flight attendant secrets – from dirtiest plane area to real colour of black box

A flight attendant who works in the skies at 35,000ft has shared some fun facts about the job.

Barbie, 29, from Argentina, works as a flight attendant for La Azafata and regularly goes viral for sharing travel tips and secrets on TikTok, @barbiebac.ok.

She tells her three million subscribers her flight secrets such as why you should always wear shoes in the lavatory.

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Plus, that the black box used in plane accidents isn’t actually black…

Barbie currently lives in Italy, but travels all over the globe while helping passengers go on holiday.

Speaking about her top tip for travellers, the flight attendant said: "If I had choose the top three dirtiest places in the plane, I will put in first place the toilet floor.

"A lot of people go in there without shoes, I can’t believe it.

"In second place are the seat pockets, I’ve seen passengers putting disgusting things in there and the cleanliness of this place is never great.

"And in third place is the bins. When the cleaning team enters the aeroplanes, they never clean the bins, so imagine what you can find in there."

She also busted the myth that waste from planes is released into the air and noted: "There are two tanks in the plane; one is for drinkable water and the other one for waste.

"So everything that comes from the toilet goes directly to this waste tank.”

That’s not the only tech-y information Barbie is privy to.

It turns out that the black box attached to all planes – which gives information on the flight path in the case of an accident – isn’t black!

Barbie explained: “For some reason everyone thinks that the black box of an aeroplane is actually black, but I have to tell you that’s not true, in fact the colour is orange and there is a reason for that.

"The orange colour is not a whim, this colour has been chosen to be easy to find in the ground or in the sea in case of an accident."

While the cabin crew member was spilling secrets she did explain that during a flight the pilots and flight attendants are more likely to keep information from passengers.

"Sometimes, flight attendants and pilots don’t tell all the truth to the passengers," Barbie revealed.

"They do this so they try not to scare them and to prevent a potentially dangerous situation during the flight.

"When you’re in the sky you’ve no way out, so you need to minimise risks.

"Flight attendants love turbulence, because we can rest a little bit as we should stay seated and we cannot get up to provide the food service for example.

"We’re used to the turbulence so we are not frightened about it."

But, it’s not just the weather that can cause a stir during a flight.

She explained: "In the middle of the night, a grown-up girl called the crew and told us that her mother was biting her.

"So we immediately went to see what was going on.

"They were yelling at each other and the girl wanted us to call her dad, but we were in the middle of the ocean and of course we could not contact her father at all.

"She really wanted that and started looking nervous.

"Her mother told us that she wasn’t in her right mind and finally the girl fell asleep on the floor, the scene was taken straight out of a movie.

"I remember one time that the luggage wasn’t loaded in the plane and the passengers noticed it when they got off the plane.

"Everything was good until they saw us in the middle of the airport.

"They thought we were responsible for not telling them about this inconvenience, but actually we found out at the same time."

Barbie has also noted that there are lots of rules stewardesses have to follow while working.

"[We're not allowed] to receive tips, speak out loud between us, chew gum and run on the plane, as passengers will think that something is wrong," Barbie noted.

"On the plane, saying words such as: 'emergency', 'fire' or 'bomb' is forbidden, because many passengers may panic.

"That's why we use special codes and it's mandatory to know them.

"We're also forbidden to watch movies or listen to music.”

But, there are plenty of perks to the job too.

Barbie added: “[My favourite] secrets are special discounts for plane tickets, as sometimes we pay only 10% of the ticket value.

"We have priority check-in and some planes have a secret room, where there are beds to rest during the flights.

"We rest in the best hotels, usually five star, with a king-size bed and room service, of course.

"It's all paid by the airline you work for, as well as discounts in restaurants and hotels during your free time – just for being an air stewardess."


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