Flight crew says dead tourists are ‘propped up’ so passengers don’t ‘freak out’

Many of us wonder about what happens on flights that we don’t know about.

Whether that’s crew interrupting couples trying to get raunchy in the toilets or where the on-board staff sleep during a red-eye.

But, while some of us might worry about falling asleep on our seat-mate or the crew running out of food other curious travellers have more morbid questions.

Like, what happens if someone dies while you’re on a flight?

It’s common knowledge that if you fall badly ill or someone starts giving birth that the tannoy will ask for any medical staff to come and help.

They’ll then attempt to land the plane at the nearest available airport.

But, what about when it’s too late to help the unfortunate passenger?

Well, a plane worker answered the query – and you might not like the answer.

On Reddit, a poster asked: “Flight Attendants, what’s the dirty little secrets of your industry?”

Over 11,000 people liked the post with more than 3,400 people in-the-know replying in the comments.

One insider replied: “Used to work for a UK airline (non crew).

“It was normal for passengers that died onboard to be kept in their seats until landing.

“They would be wrapped in blankets and propped up to look like they were sleeping to not freak out other passengers.”

But, a flight attendant replied: “We do keep them in their seats 'til landing, but the reason is not about not freaking out the other passengers, as we have to do a lot of first aid procedures, paging for doctors/medical personnels, and I doubt anyone would be so blind not to notice.

“It’s about giving respect to the deceased, we do treat the body with care.”

While a member of the public exclaimed: “I think I would know if someone died in my row so you wouldn't get by me on that one.”

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