France scraps all remaining Covid travel rules for Brits

There's good news for Brits who've booked holidays to France, as the country has just scrapped the last of its Covid travel rules for holidaymakers.

Until recently the holiday hotspot had required visitors to either show proof of Covid vaccination, or a negative test such as a PCR or antigen.

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However, as of August 1st, France has scrapped the last of its entry requirements in a boost for the summer holidays.

The Foreign Office has since updated its advice to reflect the new changes.

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Brits no longer need to show proof of vaccine, sign justifications for travel or sworn statements, nor do they need to show proof of negative Covid tests.

The Foreign Office does add: "This also applies to travel between metropolitan France and each of the French overseas territories. Similarly, no travel justification is required by the French authorities to travel to another country from France."

While the entry requirements have been scrapped, it's worth noting that there are still other rules in place.

In recent months, Brits have been caught out by new passport rules in force following Brexit.

Under the new rules, your passport's validity isn't just based on its expiry date, but also the date it was issued.

If you're heading to an EU country, your passport needs to have been issued less than 10 years before the date you enter the country – even if it's well in date when you travel.

One family was left £2k out of pocket when they turned up at the airport for their holiday, only for one member of the party to be turned away because their passport wasn't considered valid.

The UK government's passport office has been warning that there is a backlog of applications following the pandemic, meaning that Brits can be left waiting up to 10 weeks for new applications to be processed, renewals included.

Holidaymakers are being urged to check their documents before booking a holiday, and to avoid applying last-minute for renewals.

Travel rules can change quickly during the pandemic. Always check the Foreign Office's latest France travel advice before booking or going on a trip abroad.

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