Hotel workers warns vegetarians not to touch the breakfast buffet – claims

Much missed during the pandemic, a hotel breakfast buffet is usually the highlight of a stay away from home.

But vegetarians might want to watch out according to a warning from an anonymous hotel buffet worker.

The travel expert team at eshores spoke to hotel workers to find out their behind the scenes secrets and best travel tips.

One worker said tourists should never settle into their hotel room without looking inside the kettle.

But why do vegetarians need to be careful at the breakfast buffet?

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The worker claimed: “If you stay clear of meat products, consider giving the buffet breakfast a miss especially at more budget hotels. Cross contamination can be rife during the breakfast rush.

“You may think you’re safe with options such as tomatoes and eggs, but behind the scenes tells a different story.

“Staff working in the kitchen say they’ve seen veggie items such as tomatoes cooked on trays covered in bacon grease!

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“The tongs at breakfast buffets can sometimes get mixed up too, perhaps best to stick with the continental!”

Vegetarian products shouldn’t be cooked on the same trays as meat products but the worker said tourists can’t trust some budget hotels.

At some breakfast buffets guests may use the same tongs for different items, raising the risk of cross contamination.

Buffets can be the source of trouble on holiday and a cruise buffet guest was recently slammed for trying to take away food.

A cruise expert has warned guests not to use the same plate twice if they don’t want to risk breaking buffet etiquette.

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