‘Never’ check in a bag again with simple hand luggage hack

This Morning: Alice Beer reveals her top suitcase packing tips

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Of course, sometimes a check-in case is necessary, particularly if you are going on a long trip, but sometimes the trick is to pack your hand luggage like a pro. This tip from Skyscanner should help passengers save money and space on their travels.

Skyscanner stated: “If you check a bag when you fly, you spend extra time and money.

“You may also end up losing what you need. Bringing only a carry-on bag avoids these problems.

“These strategies teach you how to pack a suitcase of carry-on size so that you never have to check in larger suitcase sizes.”

Skyscanner first recommended picking the right bag, something that adheres to carry-on restrictions.

After narrowing down their search for size, passengers should go for cases with exterior pockets for items they need to access easily.

When it comes to actually packing this bag, the experts suggested that flyers lay everything they want to bring on a flat surface such as a bed.

They advised: “Your goal is to ensure that everything fits in your carry-on bag, so be prepared to pare down to the essentials.”

Sticking to items that go together easily is a good way to go about this.

This might mean forgoing the beautiful dress that doesn’t really go with anything, for some simple shorts that match all your T-shirts.

For convenience on the trip, you also want clothes that require no ironing and dry quickly.

Many people make the mistake of overpacking because they are afraid they will forget something important or will be left in the lurch on holiday.

This means that some not so savvy packers will bring 15 pairs of underwear for a three day trip, or four outfit changes per day.

However, it is important to remember when packing that most things you need for your trip will also be available at your holiday destination.

Skyscanner recommended investing in some packing cubes to make organising easier.

After laying out exactly what you need, these can be grouped into categories such as underwear, T-shirts and trousers.

Next, holidaymakers may automatically start to fold their clothes, however, this is not the most efficient practice.

Rolling up your clothes is a sure-fire way of fitting more in, plus placing items next to each other rather than on top of each other means you can see everything.

Rolling clothes also means less chance of wrinkling as the clothes make their journey with you.

Skaycanner provided two final tips: “If an organiser contains items you’ll use only at your destination, such as underwear or a swimsuit, store the organiser inside the bag.

“If you have items you must access frequently during your trip, such as medicines or earphones, store them in the external pockets or near the openings where they can easily be reached.”

If you can, it’s always best to avoid packing your bag so full that you struggle to open and close it – leave a little extra for souvenirs.

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