The lively seaside resort dubbed ‘Benidorm of Asia’

Positioned on the western coast of the tropical paradise of Phuket, Thailand, Patong Beach stands out as a vibrant and diverse seaside resort that caters to every type of traveller.

Known for its lively atmosphere, bustling nightlife, and stunning beachfront, Patong has earned the moniker of “The Benidorm of Asia” despite being over 6,000 miles away from its Spanish counterpart.

A TripAdvisor user described Bangla Road, by Patong Beach, as “The Benidorm of Thailand”.

They said: “The Benidorm of Thailand! Bangla road has it all from bars, clubs, restaurants, shops, tailors. What ever you need you’ll find it in this strip. Also be aware this is where the ladyboys reside and wait to pounce on you for money for taking pictures with them. Bangla road is the liveliest spot in Patong, there is never a dull moment!”

Patong’s main attraction, Bangla Road, has become synonymous with excitement and entertainment. Lined with neon-lit bars, clubs, restaurants, and shops, it’s a bustling hub of activity that comes alive as the sun sets. The eclectic mix of nightlife options ensures there’s something for everyone, from party enthusiasts to those seeking a more relaxed evening by the beach.

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During the day, Patong Beach offers a stark contrast to the lively nights. With its calming waves and golden sands, it becomes a haven for water sports enthusiasts and sun-seekers alike. The beach is dotted with vendors offering massages under the swaying palms, creating a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

Anne Sutherland, a travel destination expert and the founder of, describes Patong as a place that seamlessly combines the thrill of neon-lit nightlife with the tranquillity of beachside serenity. According to her, Patong’s spirit is best experienced by exploring both its lively and calming sides.

Speaking to, she said: “Patong Beach mixes lively nightlife and calming waves. The famous Bangla Walking Street has neon-lit bars and nightclubs with dance beats. But the beach offers different fun during the day – water sports or massages under swaying palms.

“Let me share a secret about Patong’s spirit. There is a ban on fireworks on the beach, so do not set them off or you will face a fine. However, If you linger on the shore, you may see colourful blooms of unauthorised fireworks. This unplanned, forbidden show is enchanting. It reminds that unscheduled moments can be magical.

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“In Patong, each experience – from parasailing to sandy toes – is more vivid thanks to the active days and neon nights. Many dining and hotel options let every traveler find their rhythm in the chaos.

“As someone who knows beaches, Patong stands out. Its peaceful and exciting sides, its nighttime defiance of quiet, satisfy adventurous and serene spirits. It shows that even crowded places have unique experiences for those looking beneath the surface.”

Echoing her comments, travel influencer Jackson Groves, Founder of Journey Era, emphasised the adventurous spirit that defines Patong Beach. With insights gained from his own experiences, Groves encourages travellers to embrace the early hours for a peaceful sunrise and crowd-free beach. His tips also extend to exploring local cuisine and discovering hidden gems, like stumbling upon a Muay Thai gym tucked away in the backstreets.

He told “I’ve come to know Patong Beach as a place where the adventurous spirit makes the best memories. In Phuket, Thailand, it’s a mix of experiences. I’ve picked up some great tips during my time there that improved my adventures.

“First, the early bird succeeds here. I’d get up at sunrise when the beach is most peaceful. Capturing the dawn with my drone got some of my favourite photos. The quiet time also allows a nice swim, with the water undisturbed by the day’s crowds.

“The food adventure is a must too. Diving into local cuisine is great, but many dishes have MSG. I found a cute little place off the main strip where the cook makes meals without it. This gives a healthier twist and supports small biz. Just ask the owners if they use MSG is you want to avoid it, and they will always happily tell you.”

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