Tourist claims 14-hour airport layover was ‘best travel experience’ of her life

A TikTok creator went viral recently after claiming her 14-hour airport layover was the “best travel experience“ of her life.

The creator, from Hawaii posts her travel and DIY stories to 1.4million followers, @taybeepboop.

Her latest post had viewers gobsmacked at all the bizarre amenities available without Tay having to step foot outside of Changi Airport in Singapore.

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While waiting there for her follow on flight, the creator showed herself sliding down slides, being served by robots at duty free and walking across nets in the sky.

Tay explained: “This was the best travel experience of my life. We purposefully picked a 14 hour layover in the Singapore airport and it’s the coolest place I’ve ever been.

“They have a net system across most of the top floor and you can bounce and walk on it. The ground is foggy, the food is amazing…”

Tay zoomed in on a glass bridge near the top of the airport’s ceiling and added: “Do you see that bridge over there?

“That’s a glass floor bridge and I walked over it and my stomach dropped. I can’t accurately show how scary it is. We felt like kids again – I’ve never had so much fun!”

The tourist then showed herself and companion Andrew trapped in a hall of mirrors with plants above their heads.

She noted: “There’s this mirror maze and I promise you there were points where I didn’t know which was a mirror and which was the real Andrew.”

The young woman also went shopping and looked for swimsuits and other goodies.

Tay said: “We shopped ’til we dropped… I could make a whole video just about what we spent and ate.”

There was even a “giant Avatar set up” which her companion was “obsessed with” which had UV lights that make your nails and clothing glow.

If you’re crossing through Changi airport she also mentions that there’s an entire swimming pool you can take a dip in!

Tay captioned the video: “I picked a horrible video for the food part but I PROMISE I have better footage and the center is actually a WATERFALL but we happened to be there during the five days of maintenance this year.

“10/10 Singapore airport has been my favoUrite airport experience of my life. Traveling there was well worth it!”

The airport has often been voted the “best in the world” and you can even book to get married there.

In terminal one and three there are children’s play areas prayer rooms as well as shower and spa services

Terminal one boasts supermarkets, a jacuzzi and pool and TV lounges.

Terminal three has an outdoor plaza, movie theatre, and even a wine and spirits store.

In the comments of the viral video – which racked up 1.3million likes – people expressed their surprise at the incredible airport.

One person said: “ I’m so mad I went to Singapore and had NO idea about the airport..”

“[There’s] also a theatre, a sunflower garden, a butterfly garden haha it’s the best airport ever,” added another.

A third exclaimed: “My jaw kept dropping” while another noted: “This looks so fun.”

Tay added that they didn’t even sleep during their layover.

She said: “Stayed up for the whole time because there was so much to do and it still wasn’t long enough!”

Most of the fun activities can be found in the airport’s Jewel section – which Tay said is: “right outside of terminal one”.

Would you purposefully book a long layover her? Tell us in the comments…


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