Two Spanish villages ranked the best in the world for tourists – ‘magnificent views’

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The World Tourism Organisation ranks villages around the world based on what they have to offer to tourists. The ranking also looks at how sustainable the tourism is and what opportunities it offers the local community.

The award for Best Tourism Village recognises villages that are an “outstanding” representation of rural tourism.

All the villages have to demonstrate a clear commitment to sustainability in their tourism offering.

In the latest award, two beautiful Spanish villages received the highest award for their tourism work.

Once voted the prettiest village in Spain, Morella is located in Castellon, north of Valencia.

Some visitors have said nothing can prepare tourists for the incredible sight of Morella Castle which looms over the village.

On Tripadvisor, Angel57 from Essex, said: “Spent a lovely day in Morella, a beautiful mountain village.

“We all enjoyed the walk up to the castle which isn’t that arduous and we were rewarded with magnificent views along the way and at the top.”

Another visitor said: “Spent a full day in Morella and absolutely fell in love with the place. “Locals were friendly and prices reasonable despite being a tourist.”

The Gothic village has been incredibly preserved and many tourists feel as though they’ve travelled back in time in Morella.

British tourists who are prepared to wait, should visit Morella during the village’s unique Sexenni festival.

Held once every six years, the festival dates back to 1673 when town officials gave thanks to the Virgin or Vallivana for ridding the town of plague.

Throughout Sexenni, Morella decorates its streets with folk art before a procession and dancing. The next festival will be held in 2024.

The Spanish village of Lekunberri was also awarded the highest tourism award by the World Tourism Organisation.

Located in Navarre in northern Spain, Lekunberri is an exciting up and coming tourist destination.

Tourists visiting the village can explore the beautiful surrounding landscapes and discover many of its preserved buildings.

The village’s La Peña viewpoint offers tourists outstanding views of the region’s mountains and valleys.

The Cypriot village of Lefkara was also recognised as one of the world’s best villages for tourists to visit.

British tourists can see traditional embroidery work in the village and admire its stunning architecture.

They should also try loukoumi, a traditional sweet which comes in many exciting flavours.

Lefkara’s mayor said: “The award is a prize to the success in keeping the village’s traditions alive, as they are passed on from one generation to another.”

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